The Eyes of a Local Traveler: Discovering Egypt

Egypt is a nation rich in mystery and history and has been a magnet for travellers for many centuries. While famous sites like Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx draw millions of tourists every time, it is also home to plenty of undiscovered treasures and cultural experiences waiting for those who step away from the main road. In this article, we take on a journey that is unique to Egypt and is guided by the advice and insights of the people who call this ancient country home.

A connection with Egypt with warm, welcoming hospitality


Egyptians are well-known for their exceptional hospitality and genuine kindness towards their guests. Conversations with locals at bustling markets, teahouses or family-style restaurants can result in unplanned encounters as well as a greater knowledge of the Egyptian lifestyle.

Discover hidden historical gems.


Beyond the splendour that is the Pyramids, Egypt’s ancient tapestry is made up of a myriad of lesser-known marvels. Local guides can show you the ancient temples, forgotten tombs and crumbling ruins that tell stories of the ancient Dynasties.

The Flavors of Authentic Egyptian Cuisine: A Culinary Adventure


Egyptian cuisine is a full-flavour experience influenced by centuries of trade and exchange. Our local experts share their favourite restaurants, ranging from street vendors who serve delicious kosher to traditional cafes that serve aromatic mint tea.

The labyrinthine market of Cairo


The markets in Cairo, also known as souks, are a sensory explosion of scents, colours and sounds. Through the benefit of an expert local guide, visitors can wander through the maze of alleyways in Khan El Khalil and discover hidden stalls offering everything from elaborate jewels to exotic spices.


Experience Egypt through a local traveler’s eyes offers a rewarding and immersive journey, and Egypt guided tours can enhance it even further. These tours offer invaluable insights from experienced guides about Egyptian culture and history beyond pyramids and temples; from bustling markets in Cairo to serene banks of the Nile in Aswan; from bustling markets of Cairo to serene banks of Aswan’s Nile; guided tours give an enriching and more personal exploration of this ancient land than would otherwise be possible alone. Plus with an expert guide at your side you can effortlessly navigate its varied landscapes effortlessly, deepening your appreciation of this timeless country!

Be a part of the traditions: festivals and celebrations


In order to fully experience Egyptian culture, it’s essential to schedule your visit around the local celebration or festival. Our guides from the local area offer additional information on traditional celebrations like the vibrant Moulid as well as Ramadan celebrations.

Beyond Cairo: Exploring Egypt’s Hidden Corners


Cairo is a marvel in its own right; however, the real beauty of Egypt is in its diverse scenery. From the peaceful Nile Delta to the bustling market in Luxor and Aswan, the local nooks and crannies provide glimpses of life outside of the bustling capital.

Arts and Crafts: Meeting of Egyptian Artisans


Egypt has a long tradition of craftsmanship, ranging from exquisite ceramics to jewellery. Our experts from the region present us with artisans who have perfected their abilities for centuries and bring an insider’s view of the talent and dedication behind their work.

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