The Guide to Give the Right Condolence Flowers to Show Your Concern

Hard times often occur in every human’s life. Friends and family are the only factors that can help a person fight against their hard times. The support one gets from his/her close ones gives them the strength to fight back.

As a friend of someone who is going through hard times and is in sorrow, we can gift them flowers to show our concern for them. Basically, people show their concern by giving flowers to a person who loses someone important in his/her life. In this article, we will give an overview of which flowers fit best for such purposes.


Lilies are considered to be the best flowers to give condolences to a person who is in pain from losing someone. Lilies represent the innocence of a person’s soul who is no more in this world. They come in different varieties of color, but for funeral purposes, one should use white lilies as it looks decent.


Gladioli is a tall flower that looks majestic and beautiful. One can easily get attracted to these flowers because of their appearance. These flowers symbolize sincerity, the strength of character, and moral integrity, which is why if you want to show concern to someone who is in pain, you can give them these flowers. Send beautiful bouquets of flowers to your loved ones through our Walnut Creek-CA flower delivery services.


Carnations are beautiful flowers with an elegant look. These flowers come in different colors. White carnations symbolize innocence and pure love, red carnations symbolize admiration and pink carnations symbolize stand for remembrance. You can choose any of these flowers according to your preference. For funerals, white carnations will do the work as they represent innocence, and they have a decent look compared to other colors. We are one of the top Walnut Creek-CA florists from where you can choose from our exclusive range of flowers and gift them to the love of your life.


Chrysanthemum is a flower that is used for different occasions in different countries. For example, in the UK, people consider that Chrysanthemums symbolize death which is why they use them in funerals, whereas in the US, people consider that Chrysanthemums symbolize happiness which is why they use them in celebrations. So you can use these flowers to show your condolences only if you are in the UK. Choose the best online flowers delivery from amongst one of the best Walnut Creek-CA flower shops and send them to your friends and family.


Roses are widely popular all around the world. They come in different varieties of color, and each color symbolizes a distinct feeling. White-colored roses symbolize innocence and purity, which is why they are considered best for funerals. You can show your condolences to your friend or relative by giving them white roses. Crimson roses symbolize grief and sorrow, which is why they are also preferably made for funerals.


Traditionally, pink and white orchids are used in times when someone is in grief and sorrow, so these are perfect flowers to show condolence to someone close to you.


Now you must have got an idea of which flowers to take when you are going to show condolences to somebody who is in pain and sorrow. The rightly selected flowers can convey to them the fact that you are with them in their times of sorrow. Explore all the products of SnapBloom directly from our website.

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