The Role of Films in Developing Human Behavior

Watching movies has become an integral part of most people’s lives and serves as the most popular form of entertainment and communication in modern times. Since it plays such a huge part in one’s life, there have been visible signs of how they can implement certain characteristics in our behavior.

The first example that was ever explored was in early 1972. According to the Surgeon General’s Office of the United States National Institutes of Health, they had found the very first discovery with authentic evidence of the link behind the exposure of violence to young children and their growing aggressive behavior in real life- implying that violent acts in movies can trigger violent behavior in people.

Another effect seen by psychologists is common indications of the mind ‘turning off’- which happens when watching too much violence ends up resulting in emotional blunting that numbs particular senses. Additionally, these effects can be further explained in certain areas around the world where violence is abundant and too many bystanders are not doing anything to change it as they have become desensitized to the violence.

These are some of the many examples that have caused great concerns for advanced nations that have a high percentage of T.V. sets within their population.

However, negative impacts are not the only impacts that are being implemented on people. Commendable actions that occur in films have also been shown to influence young individuals to aspire to be like them and take the necessary steps to follow their role models’ example. And now that people have become aware of how influential films can be inducing certain behaviors in people, many filmmakers are now more focused on utilizing this fact and using this form of entertainment to create a positive change.

Amongst many leading filmmakers, Yolandi Franken has been showing significant progress in her filmmaking ventures. As a renowned T.V. host, film, and T.V. producer, she has spent many years working within the showbiz industry, visiting places like South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, China, the USA, India and many more. Throughout her working experience, she kept honing her filmmaking skills while simultaneously learning all the ways films have been affecting the general population and found ways to create her own visual works that bring about a more positive change within society.

Most of her work is based on social issues around the world- many of her films advocate reforming women’s state in male dominant societies and has empowered many women in the progress. She also uses her career as a platform where she can bring to light the injustice of racism and gender inequality- which we will further witness in her upcoming movie, ‘Carmen and Bolude’, which is centered around this theme. This film’s progress has been very exciting as it allows the film market to cover up most of Australia’s culture as one character travels to various places to get blessings from multiple cultures.

Another one of her future works includes ‘New Kid at School’, which digs deep into the themes behind growing up as a mixed-raced in a foreign place, which many young individuals can relate to in our modern diverse cultural world.

And these are just some of the things she has accomplished when it comes to addressing social problems. She continues to create even more influential visual pieces- making her one of the most prestigious filmmaker who is doing more than just creating entertainment through her films.

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