The Way to Create the Best Clone Trooper Minifigures

If you are anything like me, then the end of the Clone Wars Season 7 will have you yearning to get fresh LEGO Clone Trooper minifigures to grow your collection. As I emphasized in a few of my recent articles here on the website, there are just a small number of ways that you can typically get your hands Phase II Clone Troopers — meaning you’re going to need to find just a tiny bit more imaginative if you would like to add more variety into the Clone Troopers on your own collections.

I wished to utilize today’s article to check at a few of the exceptional accessories Firestar Toys provide which could allow you to make the very best clone trooper minifigures potential! Using everything from custom firearms, to particular clothing bits and much more, it’s safe to state that this will be an enjoyable appearance that I hope will motivate you to pick up some bits and create your own custom made Kopf Minifigures! Let us get into it and keep in mind, for the Republic!


Up — I wished to highlight a few of the amazing helmets that are on the third-party marketplace that will assist you produce your favorite characters and make unique versions of Clone Troopers that LEGO might not have produced yet! Those from the above graphic are from Clone Army Customs, however there are many other great excellent custom made helmet bits out there which you may pick up — like a few of the ones out of Arealight. Combining these helmet bits with preexisting minifigures can allow you to produce some wonderful unique characters that perfectly combine the official LEGO bits together with all the custom pieces. I would really like to see how creative some of you are able to get together with the Clone Legions you’re in a position to create!


Alongside some of those wonderful headgear bits that are offered to your custom LEGO Clone Troopers, there are a few incredibly detailed bits of LEGO clothes that you may enhance your personalities also. All these come in both fabric and vinyl varieties, and give a wonderful amount of customizability to your characters. One of my favorite items is that the black elastic plastic waist cape out of Area light. A good deal of Clone Commanders across the Clone Wars and the films are often seen sporting waist capes that hold blaster pistols, and that I feel like those bits are a wonderful substitute for the fabric pieces that we typically see utilized to portray these.

Printed Arms

A number of my favorite pieces to improve my custom made Clone Troopers are the superbly printed Clone arm bits that are available on Firestar Toys. The conventional Clone Trooper arms help make your entire Clones appear additional detailed, and a few of the exceptional colored variations can allow you to create a few exceptional and unique appearing Clone Troopers. I’ve used a number of those red arms to generate my own Commander Deviss, a figure that I may share later on as I’m quite pleased with how it’s come out! Get more info about Minifigures Shop.


Printed arms and helmets are excellent additions into a minifigure — plus they’re complemented even farther by unique body wear that helps to create your minifigures’pop up’. I adore the distinctive Ops Pack that can be obtained from Are alight, since this gives the chance for LEGO fans to make their own LEGO Clone Commandos — distinctive special forces variations of Clones who have not ever actually seen official releases inside the LEGO lineup. Clone Army Customs also provide some wonderful unique pieces — such as the ARC Trooper Backpack, a distinctively sculpted piece that captures the expression of the exceptional rear piece that ARC Troopers are outfitted throughout the Clone Wars tv series. In addition, I adore the GM Backpack that Clone Army Customs provide — giving you the chance to equip your Galactic Marines together with the things they want for sustainable heavy responsibility battle. Go here:


The previous detail any trooper wants is a fantastic weapon — and fortunately there are a multitude of fantastic weapons on the market. I’m extremely partial to BrickArms, as their current DC-17 Pistol seems great at front of a Clone Trooper commander. Firms like Clone Army Customs also provide some amazing elements — together with all the Heavy Rocket Launcher being an ideal addition for the Clone Trooper’s arsenal. There are various fantastic weapons offered on your troopers — so be certain that you stop by the Minifigure Weapons segment to take whole benefit of precisely how much can be obtained.

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