Things Every Mom Should Buy for Bathing Babies

Bathing your baby for the first time can be a very daunting challenge. Unless you have someone with you who can guide and help you through the process, you feel like you are crossing a metaphorical minefield. However, while the feeling may be intense, with the right knowledge, you can cross that bridge quite easily.  New mothers often have a lot of questions regarding the products that they should use to bathe their babies. While there are quite a few options to choose from, the broad categories are almost the same everywhere. What matters the most when buying bath items for your baby is the quality. You do not want to risk your baby’s health by compromising the quality of the products that you use. To make sure that does not happen, we recommend opting for a brand that you can trust to provide the best quality.

In our opinion, the best brand for buying anything related to babies, especially bathing essentials, is Mothercare. This is a brand that knows how to create the best products that would benefit your baby. You can also buy their products for a good discounted price as well by simply using a Mothercare coupon code. Here are a few things that you should have in your baby’s bathing products collection.

1.      Bathing Tubs and Baths for Babies

There is no bathing your baby without a good tub to put the baby into. Therefore, the very first item on your purchasing list should be this. Finding a good quality tub should not be hard as they are all well capable of carrying a baby’s weight. What you do need to focus on is the features and design that you are opting for. The right bath or tub will be able to carry the baby comfortably and avoid hurting him or her in any way. One of the things that parents must be extremely careful with is handling the baby. Good quality tubs have mats and sink-friendly designs that let you bathe your baby without having to worry about them going underwater. The best ones even come with options such as water temperature regulation.

Which one you choose is entirely dependent on your budget and preferences. However, we highly recommend that you choose your bath or tub from mothercare only as they promise the best quality for all their products. As for your budget, you may be able to go decently beyond your limit by using a mothercare coupon code during checkout.

2.      Shampoos and Body Wash

Washing a baby’s body is a bit different from washing an adult’s body. Even though the amount of care we take should be the same, the skin of a baby is naturally more sensitive. To make sure it gets cleaned properly without getting harmed, you need a shampoo and body wash that is mild in its strength and preferably uses natural extracts to do its job. The same goes for the washcloth that you use to clean the baby as well. It needs to be soft and smooth and not have any rough textures which may damage the baby’s skin.

Specialist stores like Mothercare offer a decent range of all these products and you can choose one that suits your baby the most. Their scents are also quite amazing so you may feel like buying the entire collection. That could put a strain on your budget, but you can ease that load by using a Mothercare coupon code for a good discount on your shopping.

3.      Robes and Towels

It is not a complete bath if you do not come out of the shower covered in a towel, right? Well the same goes for babies as well but for more than a few reasons. Unlike us grownups, babies are extremely sensitive to temperature changes and getting wet can bring their body temperature down quite quickly. Therefore, it is important to not only dry them quickly but also protect them from getting cold. A good quality towel and bathrobe is therefore essential. Find something made from cotton and go for a thick one so it can keep the baby warm and cozy.

The right store will provide you with the complete collection of options to choose from. Our favorite is easily the mothercare store due to their vast collection of options and highest quality materials. We recommend that you choose the same as well and do not forget to use a mothercare coupon code to make your purchases much more affordable.

4.      Post- Bath Essentials

Of course, once you are done with drying and dressing the baby, a little spa treatment goes a long way. Get the best collection of nail clippers, files, lotions, body oils, hairbrushes, and other grooming accessories from Mothercare as well. They are specifically designed for babies and make sure that they feel no discomfort when you use them. Buy yours for a good discount as well by using a Mothercare coupon code on your purchase.

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