Things that can increase libido

Do you feel like you want too much sex these days? Or your sex drive has increased more than before? Different factors can affect your libido and, it may be natural for you to feel this way.

There are no criteria to define what is too much frequency of having sex. Every individual has a different sex drive and, they may want to have sex at different frequencies. However, you can tell by your experience that if your sex drive has increased. You may want to have sex more than your partner or more than you used to have before.

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Causes of increased sex drive

Different factors can cause men and women to want more sex, such as:

Honeymoon days

When you meet someone new, and you like them a lot. In this period, also known as the honeymoon stage, it’s normal to want to have sex. You may want to make love every time you meet each other, or every time you get a chance. It is natural for you in this infatuation period that your libido becomes increased. Since you both may like each other a lot, the sex drive can peak.


Hormones can significantly influence your sex drive. Men may feel a higher sex drive when the testosterone levels in the body go up.  Testosterone is the hormone that made your voice deeper when you hit puberty. It is also responsible for various secondary sexual characteristics, such as the growth of facial hair and an increase in muscle strength.

Puberty causes testosterone levels to rise. Other lifestyle factors such as exercise can also increase testosterone.

Menstrual cycle

Like men, hormones can also affect the sex drive in females. During the menstrual cycle, your hormones level fluctuate, which can affect the libido. Sex drive in females can increase during ovulation days, and they may want to have sex more than usual.

You are stress-free

Stress can adversely affect the sex drive in both men and women. When you are stressed, you may not want sex or may not be able to enjoy it. However, when you are relieved and stress-free, you may want more sex. Also, you may be enjoying sex more than usual, due to which you may want to experience that pleasurable feeling again and again.


Did you stop taking any medication that you previously used to take? Different pills can decrease your libido, such as contraceptives, antidepressants, or blood pressure medications. If you have stopped taking any medicine or changed them, you may experience a boost in your sex drive.


It is normal during some days to want sex more than usual. Many different factors can affect your sex drive.

 However, it is advisable to seek help if your sex drive has increased too much that it affects your day-to-day tasks, negatively influences your life, or causes a problem for your partner.

You can consult a Sexologist in Lahore for any sex-related problem that is bothering you.

Sex should be an experience of pleasure and for deepening the emotional connection between you and your partner. It should not affect other usual activities in your life or be a source of guilt and shame for you. You should always seek help if anything related to sex worries you.

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