Things to Consider While Buying a Used Car in Dubai

When deciding to buy a used or new car in Dubai, several important factors should be considered. The UAE used car market has grown steadily in recent years thanks to the ever-growing demand for all types of used cars. Car buyers can effortlessly find a used car within their budget. However, some essential factors should always be considered before making the final decision to buy a used car.

A cautious but proactive approach can help car buyers avoid fraudulent deals that can result in serious financial loss. From checking service history to test driving a used car, it’s important to follow all the key practices that can help make the right decision.

On the other hand, if you want to see new cars for sale in Dubai or sell your used car first in order to buy a new car, you should refrain from a trade-in offer from a car dealership, as this offer only serves the advantages of the dealer.

Here Is Everything Car Buyers Should Consider When Buying A Used Or New Car In Dubai

Checking the Odometer

The odometer is the best way to learn many things about the condition of a used car. The mileage can provide information about the actual mileage of the vehicle, which can make it easier to decide whether or not to buy a car. Used car buyers mostly prefer cars with low mileage, and in order to gain the attention of such buyers, many persons with fraudulent intentions manipulate the mileage of their vehicles. It is one of the most identified scams that car buyers face when they decide to buy a used car.

Car buyers should enlist the help of an automotive expert to check a vehicle’s odometer, as an accurate assessment of the odometer is only possible after it has been removed from a vehicle’s dashboard. The maintenance record and the history of the vehicle must also be checked and compared with the odometer reading.

Check If the Used Vehicle Was In a Serious Accident

If you are buying a vehicle on the used car market for the first time, you should seek expert advice to determine whether the used car you intend to use has been involved in a serious accident. However, if this is hard, you can do it yourself by following some important tips that are mentioned below:

  • Check the fender and bumper for possible cracks, as these parts can easily break in a crash.
  • Check the car’s body line and paintwork to determine if the car’s panels have been replaced or previously retouched.
  • To do this, you should sit near the car and observe the vehicle’s body lines. If you notice an uneven line or a distorted reflection, this indicates that the car may have been involved in an accident, as a result of which the body panels may have been changed along with a paint job.
  • Assess the panels and all door gaps to see if they fit properly. The vehicle that was previously involved in an accident will have uneven gaps due to the replacement of panels and doors.

These points are generally a checklist you should consider while buying new cars for sale in Dubai.

One More Thing, Test Drive The Car Before You Buy It!

This is one of the most essential practices that should never be ignored when buying a used car in the UAE. Test driving a vehicle can help assess the condition of a vehicle’s mechanical and electrical systems.

Here are some certain things to keep in mind when test driving a used car:

  • If possible, drive the vehicle for 10 to 15 minutes under various driving conditions.
  • Test the brakes and see if the brakes feel spongy or weak. It must be checked whether you can stop the car quickly or whether there is a long braking distance. It should also be checked whether the brakes are slack or too hard.
  • One must also check the vehicle’s transmission during its test drive. If it is a manual transmission vehicle, it is worth checking how the clutch feels (light or heavy) and whether the gear changes are smooth.
  • Check the air conditioning and other electrical systems to make sure everything is working properly.
  • Listen for strange noises while driving the car, especially when going over bumps. If you hear any cracks or groans, there may be a problem with the vehicle’s suspension.

Check If the Traffic Fines against the Car Have Been Cleared

Car buyers should always ensure that there are no open fines against the vehicle they intend to buy. This can be checked via the Home Office app, the RTA website in Dubai, and by visiting a nearby transport authority.

Check the Vehicle’s Documents and Service History

In order to make a core decision on buy new car in Dubai, it is important to thoroughly examine all documents and the vehicle’s service history. Documents to check when buying a car include:

  • Car insurance
  • Bank statement documents if the vehicle owner has taken out a car loan. On the other hand, a letter of release or a certificate of no objection (NOC) is required from the bank to hand over the loan directly to the buyer
  • Vehicle ownership certificate from the seller
  • TÜV certificate of the vehicle
  • The vehicle’s maintenance history should also be checked to provide an estimate of the vehicle’s maintenance over the years of use.

Bottom Line!

All of the above practices should be followed when buying a used car. These practices can make it more comfortable to choose the right vehicle within one’s budget and help avoid the risk of fraudulent deals. From test driving a used car to choose the right platform on which to sell your old car, every step should be taken carefully to make a well-calculated decision when new cars for sale in Dubai.

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