Things to do in sandakphu trek

Introduction: Sandakphu or sandakpur is a mountain peak of Nepal and west bengal and is very popular for trekking and camping. Having its highest peak in the state of west Bengal, four of the five highest peak in the world Everest, Kanghenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu can be seen from its summit. It starts from Darjeeling district to west Bengal of India.

One can enjoy the beauty of eastern Himalayas and also view the grand vistas of the Kanchenjunga range and the everest range and also smell and look at the beautiful wildflower blooming with the music of beautiful mountain birds singing.

Distance: Since the trek is about 31 kilometers, this might take 2-3 days. Covering such distance needs lots of water and other food especially energy materials to keep oneself energized so as to do this extensive trek.

Its height and beauty is indeed very intriguing and if you are interested in trekking and gaining a very thrilling and once in a lifetime experience in this trek, here are a few things that one can do in order to trek this beautiful and thrilling range.

  • Being the highest peak in the state of Bengal, one can enjoy the view of other ranges like Kanchenjunga, everest and others in this trek.
  • One can literally have the best view of the sleeping Buddha peak (Kanchenjunga) while trekking.
  • Being a true paradise for adventure lovers, the thundering river teesta which flows through sandakphu is quite at pace and offers a great option for adventurous activities for all the people who loves their adrenaline flushed.
  • This place is the only place in the world where one can find and enjoy the serene beauty of rhododendron and silver fir forest.
  • Being a trekker’s paradise, one can enjoy the view of of the snow tracked terrains in the sandakphu.
  • This mountain range offers people to go back to the basic lifestyle due to the unavailability of networks and live more of the life and less of the work.
  • Being untouched by the machineries, one can embrace and be captivated by the flora of this range the wildflowers, the beautiful orchids and the enchanting forest.
  • The trek starts from manebahnjan, a small town located near Darjeeling. One can find and purchase the camp sets and the uniform to be worn because of the shift in temperature due to the altitude range and some trekking items for the trekkers. 
  • One can even enjoy the ride of rugged land rovers still existing as the classified vintage due to their running existence.
  • The journey begins from chitery and is itself a mesmerizing experience. Since it is a steep trek, it is challenging for the beginners and it would be preferable that they only trek chitery because as one moves more towards the journey the trail gets more difficult and challenging. One can enjoy the beauty of oaks and pines and the luscious greenery which won’t be accompanying throughout. It is a refreshing experience because of the scenic beauty and clean air.
  • If one wants to go for a shortcut in the Sandakphu trek, Tonglu will certainly cross your way. It acts as a beautiful resting point as one can see the sunlight shimmering on the oaks and pines forest and is itself a very artistic and enchanting view.
  • Tumbling is another stopping point during the sandakphu trek and has greenery all around. Being a part of Nepal, it a few kilometres away from the singalila national park so who knows you might encounter some wildlife as well. One can see the twinkling Darjeeling and kurseong at night thus adding some extra points to your remarkable trip.
  • Bikeybhanjan is the last milestone which itself is the town of sandakphu. Known as the “darkest point of the dawn” the steep sloped and the rugged terrains are as dark as the dawn of sandakphu. One can view some beautiful mountain ranges in all directions here as it thus marks the end to the journey here and one really feels contended and victorious after reaching here.

The trek of sandakphu is definitely not a bed of roses but after days of passing every stop and exhaustion one feels complete not only after reaching the destination but also during the course of the journey. 

The thrilling experience of sandakphu not only gives you a thrilling experience but also fulfils you as a whole.

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