Three things to ask before ordering custom printed t-shirts from a dealer

Custom t-shirts are an excellent idea for a big event, party, or get-together. It can be the distinguishing factor for everyone there and makes up for great pictures. You could also get them if you’re hosting a party or a corporate event. Also, if you’re going for a game or contest, your team must have the same custom t-shirts. So, you should work with an expert and select the perfect design for the garment. It would be an excellent addition to your group photos and memories too.

Once you decide what you want, you must look for a reputed custom t-shirt printer for the task. They could help bring your design to life and deliver the garments for the event. You could find multiple dealers online through a quick search. However, you should spend some time checking their website and history to ensure you don’t waste your money. So, begin the task and look for professionals who offer these services. It would be better to check their reviews from past customers to get the best service. Let’s look at three things you should ask the dealer before placing the order:

Ask for samples

If you’re placing a huge order for a big event, you should get samples first to check the design. Also, if the print you’re getting is complicated and detailed, you could ask for a piece. It will help to see if their printing service fits your requirements for the t-shirts. Also, you could get these samples for different designs if you’re confused about what to get. It would allow you to see them in print and decide what looks best. Ask about the charges for the different samples and consider those costs in your final budget.

Know about the shipping charges

You need to know the shipping charges for the t-shirts to understand the budget better. It would help ensure that your final order fits within your range and you don’t have to pay a lot just for the shipping. So, work with a professional and ask about what they charge. Several dealers may also offer free shipping on big orders, which can help you save money. Also, if you’re ordering samples first for multiple designs, ask about the shipping. These charges can add up to a huge amount and affect your overall budget. So, buy custom printed t-shirts and check the prices.

Ask about the material and size ranges.

You should ask the dealer about the material of the t-shirts and the size ranges. It would be better to select a comfortable garment depending on the event. For example, if it’s a marathon and you’re ordering the t-shirts for your team, you need breathable material. Also, know about their size ranges and customize them depending on your needs. It would help ensure that you don’t face any issues during the event day and have the t-shirts ready for your members. So, ask about the costs and compare them with other dealers to get a better overall deal and save money.

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