Tips Not to Be Clingy in a Relationship

Tips Not to Be Clingy in a Relationship

If you ever ask someone that do they like to be adored or to be loved? In most cases, the answer would be a YES! Who does not like to be loved, to be cared about? When two people are in love, it is understandable that they want to spend more and more time together. However, there is a thin line between maintaining a healthy relationship and being clingy.

Sometimes a partner ends up being too clingy. You need to understand that your partner has their own commitments, their own social life and you are just a part of their life. Of course, their whole life can not revolve around you 24/7. In this article, we will tell you the tips to avoid being clingy. Sometimes we do not realize, and we reach the point where our partner may get annoyed because of us. If you feel that you are being too clingy, self-reflect, talk to yourself, and try to distract yourself. Along with that, you can consult with a psychologist


What are the Signs That Tell You Are Clingy?

Signs that can indicate that you are being too clingy with a person are:

  • You call your partner many times a day and want to talk to them for long hours
  • Message them again and again throughout the day
  • Persistently keep an eye on the social media activity of your partner
  • Feel insecure or threatened by their colleagues, especially get curious about coworkers of the opposite gender
  • A constant need for an invitation to parties where your partner is invited.
  • Do not spend time with your friends and family as you used to, instead you want to be with your partner.
  • A constant need from your partner to reassure their feelings for you.
  • Attempts to progress the relationship in a hurry

If you are doing some or all of the above-mentioned things, you may have become clingy. It is a hard pill to swallow. However, it is never too late. You can distract yourself and stop being too clingy to save your relationship from getting affected.


Tips to Stop Being Clingy

To stop being clingy, you can exercise the following tips;


Talk to Yourself

Whenever any problem occurs, the first thing you should do is talk to yourself. You should ask yourself why you are reacting in this way.


Spend More Time With Friends

To distract yourself, you should spend more time with your friends or other loved ones in your life. Not only, romantic love is essential to living a happy life, but your parents and your siblings are also an important part. Once they are far from you, only then you may realize the warmth of their love.

Get Help For Anxiety

Many people become clingy because they have a perception that their partner will abandon them, therefore they feel anxious about it. Anxiety is a common problem among clingy people. To cope with it, you should seek professional help. Along with that, take a good night’s sleep, eat healthily and think positively.


Give Yourself Time

To keep a healthy distance from your partner, you should distract yourself from activities you love to do. You can do painting, poetry, pottery, read a book, and many other things that can help you lose your nerves and calm you down.

The Bottom Line

Being too clingy can affect your relationship negatively as everyone has certain commitments in their lives. When you want to be with your partner all the time, they may end up getting bored with you. If you feel that you have become a clingy partner, talk to your better half and consult with a psychologist. For an expert opinion, you can consult with a Psychologist in Islamabad.

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