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Top 10 techniques how to make your e-cigarette boxes unique and trendy

When you are doing a business, you should know about the competitive strategies for standing out from the crowded market. You should make your e-cigarettes more appealing by using e-cigarette boxes. You can use various amazing tricks to make these boxes elegant and impressive. Following are the top 10 techniques to make them unique. 

Devise a distinctive shape

The shape of the box is very important when you have to make it unique. There are many shapes, such as square, rectangular, or cubic boxes. These are common shapes of boxes. For setting your e-cigarettes prominent in the stores, you should devise innovative shapes. They should look different from others. They may be slipcase boxes, briefcase boxes, and many others. Choosing an uncommon shape can be the best strategy to stand out.  

Add die-cut windows 

You can also increase the value of your boxes by adding windows. These windows will allow people to see inside the boxes. You can add more elegance to your packaging by creating custom-shaped windows. Generally, square, round, or rectangular windows are used. You can look for some other shapes of windows for your boxes to make them more appealing and loveable. 

Print custom drawings or patterns

Experts have devised various ways of increasing the attractiveness of packaging boxes. In the case of cigarette packaging, you should know about the packaging trends. Graphics and images aren’t used for these boxes. They come with drawings and patterns. For making your boxes look enticing, you can choose impressive custom drawings. You may either choose floral drawings or line drawings. You can also take help from different types of patterns to make your boxes look different from others.

Choose trendy colors

Color schemes are also important when we are talking about e-cigarette packaging. Colors may have a significant impact on the purchasing behavior of customers. You should be watchful while choosing colors for your boxes. You shouldn’t pick random colors. Instead, you should look for distinctive colors, and they should resonate with your brand. You should make them the identity of your brand. Their distinctive colors will help your customers easily locate your cigarettes. 

Prefer modern printing technologies 

Printing quality is an important thing that can determine the way your customers will respond to your product packaging. There are different printing methods that include offset printing and screen printing. Digital printing is also a good option. You should ensure that your boxes are printed by using modern technologies. High-quality printing will help to make a good impression of your business among the audience. Therefore, you should prefer modern technologies for printing to enhance the value of your packaging. 

Make it look special. 

You can also make it look special by using different professional and expert tricks. There are different types of finishing options, and they can change the look of your product boxes. You can use different types of coatings to give a different outlook to your boxes. Matte, gloss, or spot UV can be the best options for coating. You can also use embossing, silver or gold foiling, debossing, or other embellishments for making your cigarette packaging unique.

Choose the best materials. 

The selection of the materials will also affect the way people will respond to your products. You should choose the best materials for manufacturing custom e-cigarette boxes. There are different kinds of materials such as kraft, bux board, or cardstock. You must consider the eco-friendliness and sturdiness of manufacturing materials. They should be sturdier and durable enough to keep e-cigarettes safe from all kinds of pressures.

Provide information 

Your packaging boxes should also come with essential information about the products. They should include all the details required by the law and the customers. For example, provide details of the features of the product, its benefits, flavors, and other important things. You should also include that they aren’t safe for health. You should mention that individuals below 18 years shouldn’t use them.

Print the brand logo

For adding decency to your custom e-cigarette boxes, you should print the logo of your brand. You must also print the name and slogan of your brand. In this way, you can use your boxes for branding. They can help the audience remember your brand and its values. Moreover, your packaging will look impressive.

Choose stylish fonts

These boxes have to come with textual details. When you are typing these details, you should focus on the style of fonts. You should ensure that the fonts are stylish and amazing. They should be pretty enough to win appreciation from the audience. This will be the best strategy to make your boxes unique and appealing.

Due to increased competition, you have to make your product boxes unique. Different experts have devised various strategies for making e-cigarette boxes unique. You can choose any of the tips described in this article for increasing the attractiveness of your boxes.

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