Top 10 Trending Cakes For 2022

The year 2021 is over, this is that time of the year everyone looks forward to with great happiness from gift-giving and the company of loved ones. So, why not start your loved one’s New Year with a toast to New Goals, Health, and Success. Touch the hearts of your loved ones with a luscious and well-decorated New Year cake at the ding of their doorbell. With many people looking for heart-melting cakes and gifts to express love and best wishes to their loved ones, finding the perfect cake can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Online bakeries are providing a seamless cake shopping experience that you do not even have to move an inch from your couch to avail yourself of trending  New Year cakes.

1. New Year Countdown Cake

The New Year celebrations are an appreciation of the time. No one can control the hands of time, but the best we can do is enjoy the life that we have lived and more to come. A countdown cake is the best cake to welcome a New Year. There is a variety of clock countdown designs and flavours from which you can choose the perfect cake.

2. New Year Poster Cake

Cakes are the centerpiece of all celebrations – the enticing decorations, lip-smacking taste, and blissful cake feasting times are moments to look forward to especially on New Year. Ramp up the party sensation with a decorative New Year poster cake. To help you find the perfect poster cake, compare a variety of New Year theme designs online. You can have the New Year poster personalized the way you want.

3. Nutty Coconut Cake

Waiting for the clock to hit hour 12 is one of the best moments to remember. Make this moment a cherish able one with a crunchy nutty coconut cake. You can add a variety of dry fruits such as almonds and raisins for the extra crunchiness. So, add your loved ones’ favorite flavors and dry fruits. There is a variety of lip-smacking and enticing nutty cakes from which to choose.

4. Colorful New Year Cake

Vibrant colours are one of the best ways to create a calm and joyful environment – which are the number one priority for celebrating special occasions like the New Year. So, make the best impressions on your near and dear ones this New Year with a colourful New Year cake. There are many ways to decorate the cake with bright colours like using different coloured fondant, frosting, multi-coloured gems, and more! Remember to choose your loved ones’ favourite designs, colours, and flavours.

5. Designer Cakes

As cakes are the pop to any celebration, why take the surprise to the roof with a well-decorated designer cake. The best part about designer cakes is that they can be customised to imitate trending designer pieces. Since you know your loved ones better – you are in a better position to choose their favourite designer brands, flavours, and items for the cake decorations.

6. Floral Cakes

Flowers are some of the best gifts to express the deepest feelings and emotions. They are also a symbolisation of new beginnings. With the New Year marking the beginning of new things, there is no way you can go wrong with floral cakes. There are many floral cake designs from which to choose. Some of the most popular cake designs include; edible flowers, hand-painted flower designs (using edible food colouring), and floral stencils.

7. Pinata Cakes

Pinata cakes are some of the most trending cakes of all time. With the New Year celebrations all about sharing the best with loved ones – take the gifting a step further and surprise them with a Happy New Year gift hidden in the cake. Melt the hearts of your loved ones on the New Year celebrations with a pinata cake. You can have multi-coloured gems incorporated into the pinata cake too!

In Conclusion

Now that you know the trending cakes to make the upcoming New Year celebrations fun and memorable. Make the best impressions on your near and dear ones in Kolkata with online bakeries offering online cake delivery in Kolkata. So, search for the leading online that offers a wide range of cakes, personalisations, flexible delivery options, and affordable cakes.