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Top 3 Reasons to Hire Professionals for Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are adorable creatures, and as a matter of fact, every wildlife animal is. Only when they surpass their boundaries and try to enter a human dwelling, they become a nuisance. With their intelligence and cleverness, they find their way into premises, especially into attics and less used sides of the buildings. That may not look like a serious issue at first, but if raccoons manage to set up a permanent shelter in your personal space, removing them from your building may not be easy.

Raccoons are the world’s most adaptive creatures, and transitioning from the wild into urban regions is pretty normal for them. And unfortunately, you cannot spot them until some damage has been done. However, there are a few signs that you can watch out for confirming their presence.

ormal for them. And unfortunately, you cannot spot them until some damage has been done. However, there are a few signs that you can watch out for confirming their presence.

  • Tracks or footprints that measure approximately four inches or less
  • Visible traces of scat or droppings near the bottom areas of trees or around piles of wood
  • Scratches on sheds, porches, house structures, and the surface of trees
  • Unusual sounds including growls, high-pitched squeals, purrs, chittering, snorts, and snarls
  • Tumbled trashcans with natural food sources

In the event that you experience these signs, you must opt for raccoon removal professionals. Here is why calling them is essential –

  1. To Ensure Safety

A raccoon can become aggressive quickly. This is especially so with a raccoon that carries along with a litter of babies. When threatened, they make noises and, when trapped, escape quickly. Attempting to remove them from your home without expert help can pose a danger to your life and home. There are health dangers due to the spread of infection, and if by chance they get into places like under guttering or roof spaces, it can pose physical risks as well.

  • To Get Humane Removal

The biggest reason for hiring wildlife removal services is not only eliminating raccoons from your home but also safely release them in their actual habitat – wildlife/forest. With raccoons repellant, you may only keep them away for a while but, they still will be around, roaming freely in the neighborhood. Also, using DIY traps can, at times, injure or kill them. The professionals have humane traps that they regularly use in their jobs. They ensure no animal is hurt or stuck in it for a long time.

  • To Prevent Future Invasion

Raccoons, mice, opossums, and squirrels are clever creatures that can enter your home even from the tiniest of crevices and gaps. So, after safely removing them, the wildlife removal specialists also eliminate the source that caused the problem in the first place. They provide an assessment of the situation, such as any openings in chimneys, gaps in roof edges, or around window frames, and do everything possible to keep birds and raccoons at bay even in the future.

Apart from this, the wildlife removal team also spots the sign of damage done to your property and repairs it to make sure no long-term problems arise henceforth.

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