Top 5 Difference between Slice Credit Card vs Uni Card

Slice Credit Card vs Uni Card both are famous for BNPL ‘Buy Now Pay Later’.  BNPL allows buyers to purchase without putting a strain on their finances. They are both cashback credit cards that offer instant cashback. With a Slice Credit Card, you can earn cashback and a 2% reward on every purchase. Uni Card, on the other hand, is a free card for life. Basically, they have a number of things in common. Continue reading this article to learn more about the Slice Credit Card vs Uni Card.

What is the Difference between Slice Credit Card vs Uni Card?

There are end number of features that mark a difference between a Slice Credit Card vs Uni Card. Here you will learn about those differences in detail. 

1. Slice Credit Card

Age: The minimum age to apply for a Slice Credit Card is 18 years old as prescribed by the lender.

Documents: Address Proof and ID Proof are needed for the Slice Credit Card. Other documents that can be addressed include bank statements, income proof, and so on.

Split Bill Payment: Split Bill Payment is available with the Slice Credit Card. You can easily divide your repayment amount into three equal installments with it.

Credit Card Limit: Slice Credit Card has a minimum limit of Rs. 2000 and a maximum limit of Rs. 10 lakhs.

Citizenship: The applicant should be an Indian citizen to apply for Slice Credit Card.  

Reward: Slice Credit Card offers 2% cashback on all purchases. This is what makes it the best credit card in the race.

Customer Service Number: The Slice Credit Card customer service number is 08047096430. You can contact it at any time to resolve problems.

2. Uni Card

Age: To apply for it, you must be at least 25 years old, according to the Uni Card.

Documents: Applicants must have Address Proof, ID Proof, and Income Proof in order to apply for a Uni Card. However, depending on the requirements, additional documents may be required.

Split Bill Payment: Enjoys benefits without having to worry about money. Uni Card includes split bill payments, which allow you to divide your bills into three equal installments.

Credit Card Limit: Uni Card offers you a minimum of Rs. 2000 and a maximum of Rs. 6 lakhs.

Citizenship: A person who is an Indian citizen is only eligible to apply for Uni Card. 

Reward: Uni Card offers 1% cashback if you do not split the payment and pay it in full within one month.

Welcome Benefits: Inside the Uni Card box, you will find a chocolate bar, mask, personalized baggage tag, and a Uni Card.

Customer Service Number: The customer service number for Uni Card is 08068216821. If you have any concerns, feel free to call on this number.

How long does it take to get the Slice Credit Card vs Uni Card?

Obtaining a Slice Credit Card is a simple and straightforward process. All you have to do is submit all of the required documentation, and the bank will verify it. You will be approved for the credit card after the verification process is completed. Furthermore, the card will be delivered to your provided address within 48 hours of approval.

Uni Card, on the other hand, only takes 5 minutes. It is a very fast process because it is digital. As a result, you will receive your Uni Card within 5 minutes of approval.

Slice Credit Card vs Uni Card- Fees and Charges

The fees and charges of both the Slice Credit card vs Uni card is mentioned below: 

Slice Credit Card: There are no joining or annual fees with the Slice Credit Card. It is completely free to use.

Uni Card: Uni Card is also a lifetime free card because there is no joining or annual fee to obtain the card.


Finally, we can conclude that both cards are worthwhile purchases. BNPL’s ‘Buy Now Pay Later scheme has helped to end a number of individuals splitting their bills into three equal installments. This did not put a burden on the wallet at any given time. Alternatively, you can pay the repayment amount over three months. The split bill payment feature has become extremely popular in recent times and has been liked by customers. If you are someone who has trouble paying your bills on time,  definitely give them a try. 

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