Top 5 Instant Healthy Breakfast Recipe For Kids

We believe a good breakfast is the beginning of a good day. Tasty, healthy, and quick to make, these breakfast recipes tick all the boxes! These amazing breakfasts are all the morning inspiration you want! We’ve picked some exciting recipe categories which make the perfect breakfast. From high protein egg recipes to pure vegetarian pohas and south Indian breakfasts, take a look.

“To me, breakfast is my most important meal. It’s also the meal which you want to play a game on. I must ensure that I have milk, oatmeal, and fruit. It’s a kind of fuel you utilize to do your best. So, eating a healthy and the right meal is a big part of being a pro athlete. I hope that I’ve paid extra consideration to my life.”

Nothing can portray the importance of breakfast in a person’s life, whether they are an athlete or not, then this statement given by Andrew Luck.

For those mums or parents who feel they don’t get enough time to prepare a wholesome breakfast every morning for their children, here is a list of instant and healthy breakfast recipes for kids. Just include one of these items regularly in the morning meal menu from now onwards, and give your kids’ day a great and delectable start!

Rava Dhokla –

This popular item from the South Indian cuisine is not only quick to make but is utterly delicious and spongy too. Prepared from Rava, this is certainly a healthy item as it is steamed and it consumes very less amount of oil. Thus, you can be sure that your kids will love this dish to the core! Serve it with green chutney, coconut chutney, and/or tomato chutney, and give a filling and healthy meal to your children. You can easily find Rava Dhokla recipes on the internet which list simple steps to prepare this appetizing dish!

Idli –

An irresistibly delicious item, idlis are an all-time favorite of many. This light and easy to make food item is best enjoyed with piping hot sambar and a variety of flavourful chutneys. If you wish to find an easy Idli recipe, then browse the world wide web and you will be able to make this easy to digest breakfast item for your kids in an easy manner!

Namkeen Dalia –

Namkeen Dalia is a wholesome food item that, when combined with an array of vegetables and seasonings, makes a great and fiber-rich meal for the kids. So, boost the energy level of your little ones by preparing Namkeen Dalia, which is a great source of nutrients. Find a Namkeen Dalia recipe that can let you make this dish with the greatest ease and quickness.

Kanda Poha –

One dish that has become the staple food item for the Maharashtrians is poha! When beaten rice flakes are mixed with onions, scrumptious traditional spices, lemon, and/or tamarind, you get a quick and healthy breakfast meal that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Look for a Kanda Poha recipe that can let you prepare the food item instantly.

Cheese Vegetable Omelette –

Surely a tasty and nutritious breakfast recipe for those mums that can’t devote much of their time to preparing something healthy for their kids in a short time, cheese vegetable omelet is easy to prepare and truly mouth-watering. So, make it for your children and let them savor a healthful breakfast.

Eggy Delight’s

If you love eating eggs for breakfast then there are many ‘egg’ citing breakfast recipes, that will not just satisfy your protein requirements, but also make you wake up with a big smile every day – even on Mondays. You can easily make egg recipes like omelets, classic eggs benedict, and scrambled eggs or try interesting recipes like egg white and vegetable sandwich.


Paranthas also have the worse name of being loaded along with calories, yet the fact is that your breakfast can be super healthy with the help of parantha. It depends upon what you stuff it with. While traditional Aloo ke paranthe can be slightly high on calories, they are perfect to get you started for a busy day.

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