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Top 5 life skills children pick up from a Montessori school in Bangalore

Read more about some of the most important skills that children learn in a Montessori private school in Bangalore 

As a parent, you must be aware of what practical life skills are and how it can ease the transition for your young toddler from being dependent on you to be independent and self-sufficient. In this post, let’s explore more about the different practical life skills offered by Montessori schools in Bangalore and why it is crucial to help your child practice the same at home.

Top 5 life skills taught at a Montessori school in Bangalore

  1. Self -Care 

The beauty about the Montessori method of teaching is that it instills multiple skills and values during the process of learning. One of the key skills that children learn to practice is self care. Right from the tender age of preschooling, children are taught to clean after themselves, handle different Montessori materials, tie their shoe laces, wash their hands, fold their napkins, eat their food, clean their spills, etc. The core of the curriculum is to make children self-reliable and independent and self-initiate all their learning. The sense of achievement that children experience when they are successful in completing these activities on their own is well worth the effort that is invested by teachers when they train them. The idea is to help children gain self dignity and confidence and enable them to develop the habit of self-care throughout the growing years too.

  1. Environment-Care

Keeping the environment clean is one of the most important features of the Montessori teaching curriculum. This doesn’t just limit to keeping their classrooms clean and tidy but also extends to the outside world and their environment at large. They are taught the importance of preserving nature, water-conversation, growing plants, etc.  There are Montessori activities where children are taught how to clean the table, sow seeds to grow more plants, use water in the right quantity, etc., that will give them the awareness of the dont’s and do’s of the environment.

  1. Learning Grace and Courtesy

Another skill that is quite crucial in determining a child’s social development is to be graceful and courteous. In a Private Montessori School, children learn about using golden words like thank you, please, sorry, hello, etc.  Apart from this, there are activities that children perform everyday where they get an opportunity to use these words regularly. This instils a lifelong habit of using courtesy whenever appropriate and will help children to appreciate the importance of the same. Children are also taught how to walk, how to hold things in their hands, how to pour water, how to eat , and how to clean after themselves. They also learn the importance of turn-taking and giving space to each other and maintaining decorum in their surroundings.These are great ways of making them more graceful which again will be practiced all their life.

  1. Discipline

When you walk into a Montessori classroom, you will be impressed to see that children are happily engrossed in their Montessori activities and there is silence and harmony inside the classroom. This is made possible by providing the right kind of activities that instil a strong sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness and helps them concentrate on their learnings without being distracted. 

  1. Learning to control their impulses and movement.

This is another great attribute in private schools in Bangalore that follow the Montessori curriculum. Children are taught to keep their impulses in control. This is made possible by helping them follow discipline like waiting their turn, standing in line and playing group games by following the rules of play. This can also benefit social interaction and academic success too. It is believed that self-control is a very important factor that drives the academic performance of  a child.


These were some best practices of some of the best  private schools in Bangalore that practice a curriculum like the Montessori in order to imbibe academic success and practical life skills in a preschool child. Before you enrol your child into a preschool program, you can explore some of the best Montessori schools in Bangalore and then make a decision.

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