Top 5 popular Countertop Edge Profiles

Choosing the perfect edge profile for your countertop can be a big decision as the countertop itself comes with a seeming number of options to choose from. It can be a difficult task if you do it first. You must know the form and function of different edges and how you can pick up some popular edge profiles. There are common decorative styles and some factors that you should consider when thinking about edge profiles. Ideally, straight, quarter or bevel edges are great for the clean lines and angles of modern and contemporary style. More intricate edges complement the look in a classic or traditional setting, a great compliment to more decorative edge profiles you can go for or model in a similar style.

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Another thing to consider would be how your space and countertop get used. The round edge profiles feature simple rounded edges. It can be safer in high-traffic areas than the more angled programs. If you explore countertop edges, there is so much to consider. Therefore, it is important to consider different combinations and their advantages. 

Table of content

  1. Choose your own
  2. Five popular types of countertop edges
  1. Half bullnose edge
  2. Full bullnose edge
  3. Big bevel edge
  4. Small bevel edge
  5. Straight edge
  6.  Final thoughts

Choose your own

Ultimately homeowners have a more modern style to the kitchen. If you have designed your kitchen in one style, do not feel obligated to choose an edge based on the type. If there is a difference that you like more, the level of maintenance required for your edge profile may also influence your choice. The basic rule is that simple edges require less maintenance while dirt and dust can collect in the complex shape. That is why professionals recommend more complex edge profiles for areas of low traffic, such as bathroom vanity countertops.

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The combination of the stone, color, and edge profile you choose will cut with speed and accuracy. Undoubtedly granite countertops give you a perfectly smooth edge every single time. Narrowing down the choices is the most challenging part for the homeowners. Whether you are looking to complete your countertop or want to have sound knowledge of what suits your countertop best, we have listed the top 5 countertop edge profiles that you can use for your cost of granite countertop edge. 

Five popular types of countertop edges

 Half bullnose edge

Half Bullnose is like a waterfall around the top and flat on the bottom. The reason why people love this is that it hides the flow to the countertop. There is no start or stopping point, plus it is as far as safety is concerned. It is at least likely to cause an injury. If you are thinking about your kids running around while cooking to prepare some meals, you must want to go with the safest option possible. This type of countertop edge will be good.

Full Bullnose Edge

Full bullnose edge is one of the most popular and widely used standard countertop edges. It gives a timeless, classic, and extraordinary detailed finish to your place and looks great for your kitchen or bathroom application. 

Big bevel edge

If you have designed your kitchen with bold elements, you must also want the countertop edge to stand out from the top of your countertop. If you are looking for some extra dimension, the big bevel is a great choice that suits your kitchen. Generally, it comes with a more significant angle than a straight down; therefore, it allows you to lightly catch it differently at the top of the angle and the bottom. This makes it stand out to reflect more light.

Small bevel edge

Small bevel has the same design concept as the big bevel countertop except being small. Most people prefer to have a formal living, and if you are also a beautiful traditional type of person, you also want things to be formal. It not only makes your countertop look elegant but also enhances the whole ambiance. You will get an extraordinary impact when you apply the small bevel edges to your granite countertop edges

Straight edge

Edge profiles complete the look of your countertop. Straight edge countertops are so common for granite countertops in Virginia and stone countertops. If you want something modern, simple, and sleek, the square edge would be your choice. Install square edges that are rounded ever so slightly to prevent damage to the countertop. This type of Edge profile is a superb selection if you want to create a combination of other elements.

3. Final Thoughts

Whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, or countertop, every design chooses either a large or small set to create the finished look. Therefore selecting the right edge profile for your countertop can enhance the decor of your room or can create a wrong impression. Therefore make sure to do proper research before making any decisions about your granite countertop edges. 

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