Top 5 Reasons to Use Compounding Medication

Every person is unique and reacts differently to medications. Most people have a misconception that medicines available in the retail pharmacy stores are the only option available. So, whether those commercially manufactured medications don’t suit their unique needs or kids refuse to take bitter syrups, there is nothing much you can do about it. However, this isn’t true! When it comes to medications, you typically have two options- mass-produced commercial medications and compound medication. The majority of people rely on medications produced by large pharmaceutical companies. These mass-produced drugs can suit the most people but some patients might need a different dosage or could react to some ingredients found in commercial drugs. This is where compounding medication comes in!

Compounding Medications: Meaning

Doctors prescribe compounded medication to patients with special needs. Some patients need access to customized prescriptions if they are allergic to some ingredients found in the commercially available drug. Compounded medication simply means creating customized drugs by altering the ingredients and dosage to meet the specific needs of patients. You can visit any pharmacy to get medications but it is best to find a pharmacy that specializes in compounding. You can search for compounding experts in your area like Oakville Pharmacy offering compounding services. Make sure the pharmacy you choose has qualified compounding pharmacists to create safe and effective formulations. The licensed pharmacist works with physicians to discuss patients’ allergies, dosage requirements, alternate delivery options, and other needs.

Benefits of Compounding Pharmacy

If drugs prescribed by the doctor are unavailable commercially or the patient has hypoallergenic sensitivities, a compounding pharmacy can help in getting access to the needed drugs. If you completely rely on commercial medications, here are some reasons why you might benefit from compounded medication.

1.      Customize the Dosage

The medications manufactured by pharmaceutical companies are produced for the masses. They aim to meet the needs of the majority and create generic formulations in standardized dosages. However, sometimes doctor prescribes a medication that is unavailable in a standard dosage. In this case, a compounding pharmacy can adjust the dosage to meet your specific requirement. A compounding pharmacist can adjust the dosage to make it safe and effective for usage.

2.      Remove allergy-causing Ingredients

Another important reason to use compound medication is to get allergy-free drugs. There are certain ingredients in commercial medications that can cause allergies to sensitive people. But an experienced pharmacist can remove such ingredients like lactose, dyes, or gluten to prevent allergies. You can discuss your allergies with the doctor and pharmacist to get the needed drugs without allergic reactions.  Compounding pharmacies have specialized labs and advanced machinery to create customized medication that meets the highest quality standards.

3.      Alternate the Prescription Form

Sometimes, kids and elderly people have difficulty taking pills. Whether you’re having trouble swallowing a pill or need syrup in tablet form, a compounding pharmacy can change the delivery form. You can get an alternate prescription form to consume medicine easily. A commercially available drug can be customized in different forms like drops, pills, powders, liquids, or ointments.

4.      Get Better Tasting Medicine

Nobody, especially kids don’t like bitter-tasting medicines.  If your child or pet is refusing to take their medicines because it tastes bad, a compounding pharmacy can add flavors to make them taste better. Compounding helps in making medication more palatable. Compounding means your medication tastes better while complying with your doctor’s prescription.

5.      Discontinued Drugs

Pharmaceutical companies discontinue the production of medicines that are not profitable or less in demand. If your doctor has prescribed that medication, it can be extremely difficult to find it in the market. But a compound pharmacy can formulate the same prescription to make sure that you get the needed drug even if it is discontinued.

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