Top 8 Uses of Personal Computers

Computers are used on a regular basis, for various tasks and duties nowadays. Our computer systems make literally anything a possibility, from watching and streaming data, to reading and acquiring knowledge.

The field of computer science is forever expanding, as new technologies are created. The computer has become the most dependable piece of equipment in our lives today.

According to the latest search term analytics, up to 1k people, every month, look for information on the common uses of the laptop system, and the same amount of people look for information on the best system for their small business.

This proves how important the use of the computer is in both our daily lives and our business life. This is the primary reason why so many people are choosing to invest in a computer system.

As long as computers are able to fulfil the needs and requirements of which they are purchased for, then people will continue to patronise them. When we look at the computer system, we find the most common areas they are used for, are:


1. Education

Computer systems are commonly used for education. Through your system, you can read, and learn a wide array of subject areas.

If you work as a teacher, then opting to integrate a computer system into the process, will better aid you when teaching, as visualisation makes it easier to explain things.

For the student, you can use your computer or laptop to take notes of the things being said in class.

This is just some of the many things a computer may be used for, within the educational field.

2. Computer in Hospitals

When computers are used in hospitals, they are able to provide both the patients and the doctors with a number of benefits. Hospitals are able to create a database containing all the different patients, outlining their medical records, treatment records etc. A doctor may also use a computer system to more quickly diagnose a disease a patient might have. They are able to do this, through the use of numerous medical applications, designed to take full advantage of the systems hardware.

These software programs can, and are used for a number of things, such as carrying out research on specific diseases, urine tests, blood tests, body scanning, brain testing and much more.

3. Gaming

Another very common use of computers is for playing computer or video games – whichever term you prefer. There are a wide range of games available today that you can play on your PC.

Depending on what you like, you can play an MMO or a Pubg game, or a FPS game, it all depends on your preference – the gaming industry is expansive enough to cover almost everything today.

The ability to play all these games on your computer is made possible by the larger desktop screens, the really powerful processors and the top of the line graphics cards.

4. Remote Business

When we look at the use of computers in modern businesses, we have to mention air cards, smartphones, laptop computers, wireless connectivity, hub spots and the like. Today, it’s not uncommon for specific businesses to operate remotely, meaning, one can access their business, no matter where they are in the world.

When we look at businesses today, we can say the computer system has really impacted, in a positive manner, how we conduct them.

5. Government Offices

In the past, government tasks and duties took significantly longer to carry out. Workforces were over bloated, as many people were required to carry out, even the most simplest of tasks. However today, citizens are able to experience a much more efficient and faster government service. When looking at the specific uses that government officials may use a computer for, we have to consider the many applications. Such as Microsoft Office, video conferencing tools, email client software, and the many other applications, all of which are designed to make government work more accurate and quicker.

Despite that, when it comes to government officials, one thing we find common amongst them, is their lack of computer skills. This is one area that many of them need to improve on. Fortunately, this can be done easily, and effectively online.

6. Entertainment

Computer systems today are used heavily in the entertainment sector. The computer is an ideal medium for all forms of entertainment nowadays.

Whether it’s just to watch movies, in HD or 4K or to listen to music. As the baseline.

Children can also use computers, whether it be laptops, desktop units or notepads, to watch cartoons and other things that might enlighten them.

This should give you a much firmer understanding of how PCs are used in entertainment.

7. Computer in Marketing

With the advent of computers, which in turn has led to the internet, this has opened up many new ways of marketing products and services. Digital marketing services, websites, products and businesses are all growing. A business can now use their computer to market a specific service or product. This can be done through numerous ways, whether it’s via publishing marketing articles on related websites or through social media. They can also choose to sell their products using portals or online ecommerce sites like Amazon. Other marketing methods involve PPC, which a business owner would need to set a budget for.

Companies are able to email, chat, outsource and do a wide range of tasks that make up the internet marketing field. These include search engine optimisation, website design, content marketing, PPC, social media marketing and much more. The computer has become almost integral today, and has positively impacted many businesses.

8. Edit Photos & Videos

Through the use of your personal computer, you can edit your pictures. There are a number of editing programs and tools that you can use to do this. With the most popular being Photoshop.

You can do a wide range of things with Photoshop, especially if you know what you’re doing.

Video editing is another task that you can carry out through your computer. Today you will find a significant number of video editing tools that you can install on your computers. Such tools can be used for creating your very own movies.


Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website

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