Top benefits of green travel You must know

Low-carbon and low-carbon travel is harmless to the environment, reduces carbon emissions, improves air quality, and returns the city to a blue sky. 2. Save money on walking and riding Public transportation or shared bicycles, etc., reduce the cost of travel, which is far lower than the cost of private car travel. 3. Avoid traffic congestion, increase the number of public transportation, reduce private car travel, reduce vehicle travel on the road, and greatly reduce the road Clogging situation.

You can exercise by bike

It is better to go out by bike more often. While riding, you can also browse the roadside scenery and relax. When it comes to environmental protection, this is also affirmed Yes. But it is still recommended that it is best to ride a bicycle during leisure time, and it is best to choose when the distance is short and   Smooth roads are on the one hand to improve travel efficiency and reduce the cost of social operations, on the other hand, to reduce vehicle pollution emissions. Civilized driving is also Green travel. It is very difficult for a person to often have a car instead of driving or drive less. This is a very high level. And having a car and driving frequently is the norm for more and more people. Therefore, put civilization The inclusion of driving in the connotation of green travel is more realistic, because there are too many uncivilized driving in reality, which causes many traffic jams.

What is the use of green travel?

First, it can save money. By public transportation, you can spend a small amount of money to travel far away, which is economical and cost-effective. Second, it can reduce pollution. Green travel can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, Reducing the use of cars can reduce urban air pollution. Third, it can improve traffic. For the same transportation of 100 passengers, compared with using cars, the length of the road is about 1/10 of the latter, and the fuel consumption is about the latter. 1/6 of the former, and the harmful gas emissions can be as low as 1/16 of the latter. Fourth, it can save energy and reduce resource waste. It is estimated that the energy consumption difference between taking a bus and driving a car is about 20 times. , Resource consumption is too high, causing huge waste. Fifth, green travel is also beneficial to physical and mental health.

Why green travel

 The average proportion of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and fine particulate matter emitted by motor vehicles in the more developed cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou is 80%, 75%, and 68% And 50% has become the largest source of air pollution in these cities. Pollution damages human health and turns into an economic burden. 2. Encourage…

The functions of green transportation

According to the definition of encyclopedia, green transportation in a broad sense refers to a transportation concept that uses low-polluting, suitable for urban environments to complete social and economic activities. In a narrow sense, it is established to save construction and maintenance costs Concord transportation system with low pollution and conducive to the diversification of the urban environment. Its role is mainly in the following aspects:

First of all, energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection, that is, to reduce traffic congestion, reduce environmental pollution, promote social justice, and rationally use resources

The essence is to establish a transportation system that maintains the sustainable development of the city to meet people’s transportation needs and achieve maximum transportation efficiency with the least social cost. 3. Inject the concept of green transportation into the optimization and decision-making of urban rail transit network planning, Study the relationship between the development intensity of the city and the traffic capacity and environmental capacity, so that the land use and the rail transit system can develop in harmony. 4. Reduce the urban heat island effect

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