Top Benefits of Motorized Window Blinds

There is an increasing trend of setting up smart homes to enhance comfort and add a sense of luxury to the house. From automated sprinkler systems to Wi-Fi-connected security cameras, it has become possible to control your appliances from your phone or tablet. Homeowners keep adding these latest devices and appliances to their homes to make their life easier. One such innovative product that is getting popular among homeowners is motorized drapery and automated shades. The majority of people prefer installing some kind of window blinds to cover their windows. The purpose can be either to block light or add privacy. In addition to this, blinds, shades, and drapery also enhance the beauty of the interior space. For those who want a smart home, installing motorized shades makes sense.

The sleek appearance, better comfort, easy maintenance, and durability are some major benefits of installing motorized blinds. Maintaining optimal indoor temperature is something every homeowner struggle with. The motorized window blinds are designed to operate automatically. You can pre-program the blinds to open and close at a specific time. Automated blinds can help you reduce energy usage and maximize the amount of daylight in your home.  If you’re doubtful about the use of automated blinds and shades, you should take a look at the benefits of adding automation to shades and blinds.


Most people install motorized blinds to eliminate the hassle of opening and closing shades. It can be frustrating to keep adjusting your blinds every morning and evening. But once you install automated blinds, you can easily operate them simply by touching a button on the remote control. The latest blinds can also be controlled through an app on a smartphone. You can also set the timer to open and close the blinds at specific times or based on the temperature outside. The ease of operating automated blinds makes it easier to prevent solar gain or heat loss. Moreover, these are wireless and cordless which makes them safe for children and pets. There is no string or chord that could pose a danger to your kids.

Increase Privacy & Safety

Motorized window treatments also help in maintaining privacy. Windows that are close to a neighbor’s house or street can cause privacy issues. Anyone can take a peek inside the house through your windows. You could avoid this issue by lowering your blinds whenever you want to. Typically, glass gives an inside view during the evening. You can set the time to lower blinds at a specific time daily when you want privacy.  Automated shades are also helpful in deterring criminal activities like robbery. These shades can be operated remotely via mobile phone or tablet. So, if you’ve gone out on a holiday or business trip and forgot to close the window blinds, there’s no need to worry. You can close it anytime remotely and keep your home safe.

Boost Home’s Value

The best motorized window blinds help in saving energy costs. The sensors can detect the temperature to adjust blinds and reduce pressure on the HVAC. You can also give a voice command to these remote-controlled window treatments. These smart blinds also protect against harmful UV rays. All these features boost the value of your house.

The article is written by Samia Tauseef.

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