Top US Bitcoin Exchanges to Start Trading with

No matter if you want to trade Bitcoin or other digital assets, the first thing you require is an optimal and functional Bitcoin exchange. A crypto exchange is basically a platform where users can sell, buy, and trade their assets.

However, the market is full of many kinds of Bitcoin exchanges which makes it real hard for any new user to choose one. This is a list of best Bitcoin exchanges in 2021 with details like how these exchanges operate, what are their key features, and what make them important enough to be on this list.  

Best Bitcoin Exchanges

This list of top Bitcoin exchanges is curated after a careful analysis of many exchange aspects like market liquidity, fee structure, security details, and customer support.

Coinbase – Most Popular Crypto Exchange

Coinbase is significantly more efficient and mainstream than other crypto exchanges in the US market, with more than 35 million users. This US bitcoin exchange is truly outstanding for for new traders, as it includes a easy and interactive UI to explore.

It’s additionally speedy and easy to open a account (with most accounts all set in around 10 minutes). Coinbase offers support to various crypto assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many more.

Luckily, you can store your assets on this platform quite easily. You can utilize debit/credit or fiat currencies to buy, sell, or deposit assets. However, remember that this trading platform charges a 3.99% fee in case you make a payment via credit card.

Also, Coinbase can be pricy as far as the commission payments are concerned. There’s a 1.49% bonus expense for all purchase and sell orders. All things considered, there are a few charges to fight with that make this exchange altogether more costly than other Bitcoin exchanges in the market.

Moreover, Coinbase has probably the best advanced security around. Any crypto or financial asset you buy will go into a dedicated and secure advanced wallet (generally the solitary spot to store Bitcoin and other crypto). The exchange implements a wide range of safety controls you can change as you would prefer also, for example, a 48-hour time lock for any withdrawal transactions or programmed login blocks if a login demand comes from an unregistered IP address.

Finally, this exchange accompanies a interactive mobile application that can serve as a crypto wallet, as well.


You should think about Binance as one of the most reliable US Bitcoin exchanges if you want to make fortune by crypto trading. This crypto trading platform allows you to trade various sets of crypto assets, adequately making benefits on price fluctuations that change for the duration of the day or over weeks/months.

This is the main reason why Binance is the go-to platform for active investors. Active traders are people who want to make short profits through market analysis and forecast instead of buying crypto like Bitcoin and holding it for quite a long time for long haul profits.

Despite being new to the crypto world Binance experiences tons of trading volume and liquidity. Because, it has a fast-paced trading environment it is slightly complex for new traders. However, there is a huge amount of informational material available on the platform itself for new users to start their crypto trading journey more efficiently without any risks.

Fortunately, this is one of the best Bitcoin exchanges that has exceptionally competitive trading fees. Commission charges are just 0.10%, so even crypto trades with a hundred of volume should not cost you to an extreme. Moreover, you can get Binance local cryptocurrency, BNB, and get some good discounts on trading commission charges.

Note that crediting your account or wallet by using credit/debit cards can cost you a 2% charge of the total amount deposited. Once more, this is more costly than other Bitcoin exchanges.


CoinCorner is one of the most speediest Bitcoin exchanges USA great if you need to purchase Bitcoin quick to take advantage of crypto market. This platform is much of Bitcoin-oriented platform, meaning you don’t have much a option when it comes to buying other kind of cryptocurrencies.

The core benefit to this exchange is that the process of buying Bitcoin on this platform is speedy and easy however, you are charged with some fee. Each acquisition of crypto causes a 2.5% or 3.2% fee when utilizing a credit card. You can likewise sell crypto utilizing CoinCorner, and this interaction is similarly pretty much as fast as purchasing crypto.

At last, this Bitcoin exchange is best for the individuals who need to purchase or sell Bitcoin solely instead of practicing standard crypto trading.


As you can see, it is easy to get started on any of the above-mentioned US Bitcoin exchanges. Just be sure to pick the exchange platform that seems to best suit your needs. Remember to pick a good strategy and stick with it over time. Good luck!

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