A marriage certificate is the first official document in the life of a young family, which is issued by the registry office upon marriage. A marriage certificate has several functions: it confirms the fact of marriage and carries information about the premarital name and surname of the spouses. This can be important when entering into an inheritance, disposing of property or making a decision to issue a visa.

In what other cases may a marriage certificate be translated?

  • – When entering into marriage with a citizen of a foreign state;
  • – When moving to another state for permanent residence, obtaining a residence permit or citizenship;
  • – When dividing property that was acquired by one of the spouses before marriage;
  • – If necessary, provide data on the premarital surname;
  • – When applying for employment in a foreign state.

In all of the above situations, notarization of the document is required. When performing these and other legal actions abroad, it is important to take into account that organizations may require a notarized translation of the marriage certificate, which gives the document full legal force and legalizes it. When translating a certificate into a foreign language, it is necessary to clarify the rules and requirements of the state where the document will be submitted: some countries require affixing double apostilles, and somewhere, only a notarization or seal of the translation agency is enough. The translated document is attached to the original or to a notarized photocopy. The most common service is the translation of the marriage certificate into English . 

Marriage certificate – translation into Russian

The service marriage certificate translation into English” is a widespread service of a translation agency for citizens who are going to leave Russia in order to perform any actions on the territory of foreign states. Translation of a marriage certificate into Russian has its own characteristics and must be carried out in accordance with the norms and rules of language and transliteration, as well as preserve all text and digital meanings. Our translators translate the marriage certificate from / into any language and certify it as soon as possible for the maximum convenience of our clients.


Doing business with international partners is accompanied by the use of documentation, which must be correctly translated into foreign languages. Translation of legal documentation is considered one of the most difficult and must be done taking into account all the details and nuances, because the success of entrepreneurs and their further actions depends on it. It is important to note that translation of business papers into foreign languages ​​has its own characteristics and rules. When translating documents, it is important not only to follow the rules of linguistics, but also to have knowledge in the field of jurisprudence and economics, as well as be able to use professional terminology. Today, the most common legal translations are in English, Spanish, Italian and German.

Legal translations: English

Translation of legal documents into English is the most common type of translation, since in most European countries and the United States this language is considered the state language. The documentation is translated in full compliance with the original, preserving the structure and content of the text, performed by several narrow specialists in order to avoid errors and inaccuracies. If necessary, work is carried out with narrow-profile specialists in a particular field of jurisprudence. The verification of the finished texts is carried out in several stages by a proofreader and an editor.

Business legal documents include such papers as contracts, agreements, court orders, powers of attorney, acts, certificates and licenses, as well as personal documents of citizens – passports, certificates of marriage or death, marriage or divorce, etc.

Translation agency PRO-Translation carries out all types of translation of legal documents of any complexity and any kind. We have extensive experience in translating legal texts into English , German, Italian and other foreign languages. The cost of translation depends on the volume of the text, the complexity and timing of the work, as well as additional services – apostille or notarization. All information can be obtained from our employees by contacting in any convenient way.

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