Types Of Leather Belts And When To Wear Them

A variety of different styles of belts for every occasion is something you will find in every sharply dressed man’s closet. The belt began as a functional accessory, something that would remain consistent and bind your bottoms at the waist regardless of bodily changes. Different belt types are available not only for functional purposes but also as trims to make your outfit stand out even more in modern times. The belt types you choose are important since they can define who you are and what your style mantra is. It becomes critical that you select the appropriate piece for your ensemble, whether formal or casual, night or day.

Belts can be worn for two occasions broadly-

  1. Formal
  2. Casual

1. For a more formal look, choose a black leather belt.

The belt is a straightforward fashion accessory that is both comfortable and easy to wear. Leather is typically worn as a formal belt with pants or as a suit belt. Obviously, it is not supposed to fancy up your clothing any more than it already is, and it is merely designed to serve as a trendy streamlining component between your top and bottom half. Consider it something that, like a tie, will smarten up your outfit in an understated, unobtrusive way.

2. A brown formal belt might be a stylish addition.

While a black leather belt blends in seamlessly with your attire, a formal brown belt requires a bit more effort. Men’s formal belts, on the other hand, have simple buckles and the flexibility that only an earthy color like brown can provide. This is a winning style when paired with polished brown leather shoes and practically any combination of shirts and pants!

3. Belt buckles for formal wear—cinch it up tight!

Diverse varieties of belts provide different opportunities to showcase your particular style, but the belt buckle is always the same. With the advancement of fashion in general, the varieties of belt buckles have changed dramatically, advancing from the simple frame buckle to the present plate and two-hoop buckle. Regardless of the color of the belt, the traditional framed buckle in matte stainless steel keeps it low-key for formal belt buckles. Just make sure the color of the metal frame does not clash with the color of your watch strap.

4. For informal occasions, choose sleek casual belts.

Casual belts give the most potential to create striking, layered designs out of all the sorts of belts accessible in the global fashion market. The casual belt for men comes in a variety of materials, primarily fabric, and can be worn with practically anything you wear on a daily basis. These are best for casual summer outfits, such as a lunch date, a night out with friends, or a sunny day at the beach, and work well as a casual belt with jeans or shorts. It gives you a laid-back vibe and allows you to flaunt your adventurous side.

5. Thin belts can accentuate your formal dress.

Wearing belts that are thinner than the pant loops and fail to fill them in is a major faux pas for many people. Instead of following the crowd, why not start your own? Thin belts for guys require a bit more work to wear than ordinary belts, but it all depends on the flair they add to your outfit. Thin belts are typically more formal and dressy than thick belts. The belt is not supposed to be delicate, so balance the heaviness with softer materials and colors to keep your outfit in check.

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