Video Marketing Trends for 2022

Video marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of the overall strategy for many businesses. In 2021, 86% of companies reported that they’re using video as a tool to promote themselves and 93 percent deem this crucial in their approach . Video has become a powerful tool for brands and marketers alike. According to research, 84% of consumers have been convinced into buying products after watching one video while they’re also twice as likely than other types online content like text or images; this makes videos an excellent investment that will increase brand loyalty in the long run! Cisco reported by 2022 there’ll be 82 percent more traffic coming from visual media rather than written words alone – so get ready with your company’s new campaign today

The input isn’t really saying anything different but we should strive towards making it sound less monotonous:  “Research shows” Are you ready to give your video strategy a boost? Here are 8 emerging trends in the field that will help increase engagement.

1.Live Video –Live video is booming and we can see why. The pandemic put a halt on in-person events, so brands had to find alternative ways of connecting with consumers who were left without opportunities for face time interactions or experiences that they could only get through streaming services such as Facebook Live Video where you’re able to interact directly through comments sections on your feed according an article from Forbes by Alice Tabor called “5 Ways Brands Are Using Social Media More Than Ever Before”.Live video really is the way of today’s world. It has been used by everyone from influencers promoting products to music artists holding virtual concerts and even Broadway companies streaming full-length productions online for all their followers/fans who can’t make it in person!

This means that if you are looking at marketing your content through live streaming, then this should be one project high on your list because consumer demand isn’t going away no matter how much life gets back “normal”.Video marketers are discovering new and creative ways to use video. Now more than ever, they’re relying on Facebook Live as well other social media platforms in order reach out with their message for customers who may be scrolling through feeds at work or home instead of physically around town!

2. Smartphone production – Gone are the days when video marketing required expensive equipment and a big production budget. In fact, even brands that can afford those things are turning to smartphones for better results than before! Apple just gave this idea platform in their wildly successful #ShotOniPhone campaign by accepting submissions from users with iPhones about what they love or hate about their device – these videos quickly became popular among everyone who saw them on Instagram because anyone could relate (even if you weren’t an iPhone user yourself). Video content created on a smartphone can be indistinguishable from what we see in traditional media. In fact, social influencers have surpassed even seasoned video marketing professionals when it comes to perfecting this art form with their smartphones!

Content creators are realizing the power of creating real life videos. Brands like Nike, Redbull and Instagram have all started using this type of content because it resonates with consumers more than salesy ads- so if you’re thinking about making some awesome video but worried that your equipment might not be up for the task just wait until someone inspires by doing what they love!

3. Search Optimized Video – SEO has always been about more than just articles and links, but video optimized for search? Forrester recently found that videos are 53 times more likely to generate first-page rankings than other traditional SEO techniques. Brightedge reports Google now puts snippets of prerecorded video next 26% or its search results pages – providing users with captions when they click on them which makes it easier for people who cannot find information elsewhere online. It’s important that your video content be geared towards a specific goal. Make them relevant and interesting by answering consumers’ questions, educating them on topics related to the brand as well as creating helpful videos for customers who want more information about what you have available. Next, be consistent. Just like with traditional SEO content marketing and promotion of your website on various channels including social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter through hashtags- make sure you are always posting new video updates to keep traffic coming in. Make sure you optimize your website for search engines like Google with title tags and descriptions. You can also increase engagement by responding to comments, preparing thumbnail images that are relevant to the content on each page of your site so they show up in galleries or when someone searches “picture x” instead if showing an unrelated picture from another source.

4. Vlogs – Storytelling is an art that can be used to connect with your audience, develop the personality of a brand and get audiences engaged. Vlogs are one way this is done by telling stories through video blogs on social media sites like YouTube or Instagram Stories. It’s important for businesses today not only have great products but also engaging content marketing strategies in order attract new customers online who might become loyal buyers over time based off what they see first-hand from you as much as anything else.” So, what are the benefits of vlogging? Vlogs provide individuals with a chance to show their personality and connect in an authentic way. This is perfect for brands who want people not only liking but loving them too. What does it take make your brand stand out from others on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram where posts play second fiddle behind live video content that can be enjoyed at any time–even when consumers aren’t looking at their phone screens during working hours (and even if they’re offline)? Sometimes all you need are some laughs—or tears!–from watching yourself talk about something personal while trying new things outside

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