Best 6 Virtual Betting Tips for Esports

Virtual betting is becoming very popular among people as it is very interesting yet profitable. 

Virtual sports betting is just like traditional or basic sports betting the only difference between these two is that in this betting the players are not the real human beings but they are digitally represented.

Virtual betting is more fun and provides you with great profits if you bet on Esports.

You might be wondering what are Esports. So if you dont know, Esports are those games that are played on electronic devices in a highly competitive environment such as video games.

Whether it’s Esports betting or traditional betting winning the bet and earning a good amount of profit is your main concern.

So in this article, we are going to share some virtual betting tips that will definitely help you to win and earn good profit.

Without any time-wasting let’s get started.

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1. Pick the Best Esports Teams:

Selecting the best virtual esports team might be tricky for you because there are alot of options. 

In virtual esports betting, all the teams are mostly based on real-life teams. So in order to win you have to pick the best counterparts in virtual betting of those teams which are the best overwatch.

If you dont know the difference between the virtual teams you can simply pick by observing the odds of both teams.

In virtual sports betting the team with the lowest odds have the most chances of winning and it will be the favorite also. 

So it’s always better to place your bet on those teams which have the lowest odds it will provide you with massive profits. 

2. Use the Best Virtual Sports Betting Sites:

Another main concern is to choose the best betting site possible. 

There are thousands of virtual betting sites available which makes it very hard for the players to choose the best one for them. 

The high rated and best-betting sites such as fantasy premier league provide you with great profits and they only feature those Esports that are created by quality developers.

Selecting the best virtual Esports betting site also affects your losing and winning ratio. 

So make sure you stick to those virtual betting sites that provide you with great knowledge and good chances of winning results.

3. Place Smaller Bets:

The best way to make great profits over time is by placing smaller bets. Smaller bets might not provide you with great profits in a single time but they do provide you profits over time. 

Placing smaller bets is a great way to keep your valuable money in safe hands.

The biggest advantage of placing smaller bets is that if you lose it will provide you with lesser money loss.

This tip is best for beginners but it doesn’t mean professional players do not make smaller bets they also do it when they have less money for investing or when they don’t feel their luck.

4. Set Yourself a Budget:

Before starting your betting career or making your first bet make sure you set your budget.

Money management is one of the crucial tips if you want to be in business for a long time.

Some players don’t set their budget and they keep on investing their money which is worst. It’s always better to set a daily or weekly budget or limit and only bet under it.

5. Target Certain Bets/virtual Sports More Often:

Targeting certain virtual betting sports is the best way to win most of the time.

There are some virtual sports that have greater chances of winning than other ones. These include:

  • Bets in Football/Tennis.
  • Bets on Speedway.
  • Bets on Greyhound Racing.
  • Bets on Horseracing Races.
  • Bets on Cycling.
  • Bets on Trotting.

You can select your virtual Esports betting option from these above ones, there are many chances that these sports provide you with great win and profit.

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6. Avoid Chasing Your Losses:

It’s completely okay if you lose half of the time in betting. Because the loss ratio of the world’s best professional bettors is also between 42-45%. 

But what’s worse is to chase your losses. Chasing your losses not only affect your money but also affects your mental health.

Many of the players stress out when they lose. And due to that stress or depression, they invest their valuable money until they don’t get satisfied. 

The only way to win is to accept your mistake and you also need to work and practice on it. 


The above mentioned are the 6 best and most important tips that need to be implemented at the time of betting.

Take this game as a game only and enjoy playing it whether you win or lose and only expect realistic expectations.

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