How To Launch A Product Successfully Via A Virtual Product Launch?

As the event organizers were looking for a way to save their money and multiply the marketing of the events and in 2020, all the online trade shows, and career exhibitions flourished. The virtual events act as a means for the people to attend and work from the comfort of their homes. Plus, the hassle and cost of travelling are eliminated.

Additionally, virtual events are beneficial for organizers too as they did not have to rent any auditoriums because the virtual event platform is a way to reach more people through the internet and offers visuals and audio. The product launches moved online too and a little change in the content of the product was announced. Since it feels like a very disconnected arrangement because the entire atmosphere changes from being a real-time one to a virtual session, there are a few steps that need to be taken to maintain the balance between the two.


· Immersive experience

A product launch aims to get the audience hooked and excited about the product. If the mood set up for the setup is not exciting enough, the audience might get disinterested and leave the session in between. The event should be hosted in a way that the 3D space looks like real life and imitates a realistic experience.

The product can also be placed in a space to be used and the audience should be given a piece of knowledge about the same. If the attendees can move around in the space, then it adds to the realistic touch.

A virtually rich experience helps the attendees to connect to the product better and understand its effect on their daily lives.

· Enabling the experience of a product

This is another way to enhance the experience of the virtual attendees while implementing the in-person and virtual events. The technical industry launches a new software tool and then booths are created to make the modules accessible.

Simulations of the product and the actions in it give a real-time feel to the attendees thus making them closer to the product.

· Promoting the product online

Aggressive promotion is a way to high attendance in the virtual event. Even the product launch campaign should be a targeted one which means finding the right target audience. The virtual event software helps in personalizing the launch for the audience. It is a great place to advertise the events.

Social media is a great place to drop hints about the launch a few weeks before the launch to build excitement, and anticipation and make the audience wonder about what’s coming. Once people get excited and start looking for the event and product details, drop details but that too one at a time.

Ask people to register via the link and send email invites to all the registered audience before a week or two. Make it convenient for them to attend and send reminders regularly for the event.

· Take in input and encourage the audience

Virtual meetings and events have a bad reputation in the world because the audience has complained of feeling disconnected from the event and the biggest challenge is to match the engagement with those of the live events.

In a virtual product launch, the key is one-way communication and to provide the audience with engagement and encourage interaction. There are many different ways to engage the audience in virtual exhibitions by offering a live Q&A session to connect with the audience.

During a product launch, there are many different questions that a person wants to ask, and answering all those questions helps in gaining trust. A virtual product launch acts as a platform to clear all the doubts about a product. Both the audience and the speaker benefit from a virtual launch. Take the feedback and implement it in the next launch. If performed right, a virtual launch provides a very convenient way to exchange information and interact with the audience.

Management becomes easier because one doesn’t have to run from one place to another but can organize things one at a time without hassle. Future enhancement ideas can also be looked into according to the changes suggested by the audience.

· Experiment with games

The engagement game at any virtual event is a great way to add spice to the little things. The game only can provide details about the product to be launched at every stage and the prizes at the end can motivate the audience for the game and event. The audience pays more attention if such games are included. Some prize options for such games are free vouchers, easy access to the product, cash, and merchandise related to the product.

· Partnering up with the influencers

Partnering up with the influencers helps to increase the digital reach of the event and the product. This marketing gives tremendous results for the product launches and boosts the number of people attending the event.

Since the social media trends have been increasing, the influencers have n number of followers and thus the event comes into the spotlight. The partners can put up posts or stories on their social media accounts to ensure a greater reach. The speakers can be offered an early chance at using the product and their experiences can then be used at the event.

When the industry leaders would trust the product, it will make the audience trust the product and be attracted to it more. This will add up to the business on the whole and they will be able to interact with their idols. The live streaming service providers can themselves help the organizer connect with celebrities.


If performed in the right way, the product launches through the right virtual launch platform, like Dreamcast, are more exciting that the in-person launches. As long as the virtual corporate meeting makes use of the resources and imparts the necessary details about the launch, a lot of people would be excited about the event.

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