Warning signs to suspect problems with conveyor belts

Whether running your factory or a warehouse, various things need to be transported from one place to another. Material handling needs of a factory or a warehouse can never be satisfied, and it is challenging to manage the workload simultaneously. No matter which stage of production, you need the right equipment to get things running smoothly in the factory. From assembling the parts to delivering the final product to the customers, you have to ensure you are not lacking anywhere. 

We must carry many objects and items from one factory corner to another. Manually handling all these products can waste so much of your time and energy. This is why a sound conveyor system is established in the warehouse or a factory. A sound conveyor system will be able to fulfill all your material handling needs and effortlessly move objects from one place to another. Whether the products are too bulky or easy to carry, they can be easily transferred through a conveyor belt. 

The credit for fastening the warehouse operations also goes to the conveyor belt. Conveyor systems can be used in almost all automotive, mining, logistics, or packaging industries. All types of materials can be loaded in the conveyor systems, and the conveyor belts have the capacity to manage different kinds of loads. 

Every piece of equipment has to go through some wear and tear as time goes by. There may be times when you witness some sudden breakdowns with the material handling equipment. When the conveyor system in your warehouse stops working, it is directly going to have a terrible impact on the overall operational efficiency. Entire operations can be thrown off schedule, resulting in a loss of money and productivity and putting a massive dent in your budget. No matter how cautious you are, there are still chances of making mistakes that can lead to the breakdown of the equipment. If the conveyor belt is on the verge of breaking, you will be getting some clear indications, and it is your responsibility not to ignore such warning signs. Here are a few of them listed below:

Slower production: One of the central and most common signs of significant problems with the conveyor belt is slower production. You will see that the overall speed or output has come down to a great extent. This might happen due to blockages with the conveyor belts. The operations will suffer, and the work speed will be lowered. So, if you suspect a slow production capacity, you need to look at your conveyor system and get it repaired at the earliest. 

Problems with belt tracking: To experience smooth functioning in the warehouse, the conveyor system must be aligned. Major issues can be seen if there is any problem with belt tracking. The belt in your warehouse might be slipped to one side, which can lead to some severe issues. Mistracking can cause a whole lot of problems and decrease your production capacity. If the belt has slipped to one side, there will be a time when the entire system stops working. By detecting this issue early on, you can prevent it from worsening and developing a more significant problem.

Safety hazards at work: This is something that might not be very evident at the earliest. But as time goes by, you will witness that there are many accidents at your workplace. The conveyor system at your workplace might be the culprit. This can happen due to seized rollers, as when the rollers seize up, they have the tendency to develop sharp edges. This might make it very problematic for the workers to handle heavy loads as they might injure themselves while loading and unloading. Also, there is quite a high chance that the goods can be damaged if the rollers have developed sharp edges. This is where you need to get your conveyor system examined and get it repaired at the earliest. Carryback of materials: Another warning indication to get your conveyor system repaired is due to material carryback. You might see frequent issues with your roller pulleys when the materials are accumulated underneath your conveyor belt. The materials spread here and there can also be inhaled by the workers making them sick very quickly. This is how such issues can create unsafe conditions in the workplace. 

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