Ways A Tutor Can Help a Student in School Anxiety

Most of the students and kids never like to go to school. This is a common scenario but sometimes this situation can’t be ignored because the kid might be suffering from school anxiety. This is a situation where kids fear going to schools. It is happening due to a communication gap between the school management system and kids. These days the school management system of many schools are designing their curriculum accordingly and innovating everything according to the interest level of kids so that kids may not fear going to the schools. Kids have usually thought that in schools their freedom of fun will be snatched and they have to study all the time, whereas today kids are provided with so many facilities and even in preschools they are made to participate in so many activities that they feel more fun in their schools than at home. Now, how can parents help their kids to relieve school anxiety? Let’s have a look at it. First of all, parents should look after whether the kid is making excuses to go to the school simply or there is any other particular reason due to which the kid is avoiding going to the school. It is the responsibility of parents to check out what is the reason why the kid is so scared of going to school? Kids are very innocent souls so showering love and affection on them can be one more way to win their trust so that they can share the reason for their anxiety and stress. As parents’ people should make sure that the kid feels that they are always there to help him/her. 

The major part of anxiety comes from a particular situation where students don’t prepare properly the whole year and when exams dates are announced then they get panicked. Here the tutor needs to make students prepare a proper study schedule under which students need to allot a particular and specific time-interval for each and every subject for a good preparation before exams. Being a teacher one can have a good and ample amount of experience of dealing with such situations. Teachers can provide their students some useful tips to handle such situations. Teachers should give more innovative tips like in the situation of anxiety students can give themselves an optimistic self-talk where they themselves can boost their own morale. To make the students more confident about their inner strength, teachers can share their own story of struggle where they didn’t lose hope and now they are successful. Students are always very happy with their peer group, even when they are in school. Hence, teachers should create some peer groups in the class for group study where after their lectures are done, the student’s peer group should be given the topics for discussions for the next day which students can teach and learn daily with the help of each other during free hours which will bring knowledge and information. Students are also human and they also love to hear some words of appreciation for the hard work they do. This works 100 % in the situation of anxiety where students almost lose their will power and self-confidence. 

Let’s take an example of a tool named LMS portal which is a tool of modern education and this LMS portal monitors the progress of a kid’s performance and progress. In the same way parents need to monitor their kids being very attentive and they should always take care that their kid must get an ample amount of sound sleep of 6-8 hours and that too without disturbance. This makes students and kids so much jolly and happy that they become anxious to hear more stories and they will wish to go to the school in the morning. If you cannot find anything wrong with the kid and still the school anxiety exists with the kid then talk to the tutors of the kids and discuss the issue so that they can find the root cause of the issue. As parents, take participation in the educational process of your kid. You don’t need to be the dictator of your kid’s life, instead try to be his/her all time buddy & the best buddy with whom he or she can discuss everything without hesitation and can answer to his/her all queries. There are no specific symptoms of stress and anxiety these days because it differs according to the personality of the kids. Therefore, parents tutors need to be very cautious while being with kids because sometimes a smiling kid can also be suffering from anxiety. 

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