Ways to Improve your Writing Skills

Did you know a person can be judged based upon their writing skills? How we write portrays our intellect and personality. Writing is truly a way to communicate and understand what a person is thinking. It expands our ability to go beyond our ideas and explore the undefined world. Apart from this, we implement writing skills regularly in our day-to-day life. In any profession, the skills are important.

Some of the most important writing skills include concise language, grammar and punctuation, spelling, audience attraction, outlining, facts and organisations. It is very necessary to improve your writing skills to portray a clear picture of your mind. Therefore, we are here with simple tips to help you work on your writing skills.


  • First of all, writing is not only about jotting down points rather it involves a massive amount of reading. Therefore, make sure that your brain functions positively towards reading. Reading helps you gain vocabulary and also broadens your horizons. If you want to be a good writer, it is very necessary to develop reading habits
  • Reciting is another important aspect of writing. If you read out loud the things you have written, you will be in a better position to understand the meaning of the text. Also, if you hear what you have written it becomes easier to understand if the concepts are correct.
  • Do not write long sentences rather make short sentences of 10-12 words only. This will make the text very precise and clear. Also, it will remove unnecessary words. Therefore, always try to cut down your content and remove words like very, that, therefore etc. This will help you remove all the clutter and make your writing smooth and interesting.
  • It is highly recommended to not use passive voice while writing. Generally, passive voice can be vague and unclear. Prefer an active voice to write precise and easy sentences, which or attractive to read. One of the easiest ways to check if you are writing is passive or active, read out the content loudly and if it is weird or sounds bad that means it is written in a passive voice.
  • After writing a peace make sure that you take a rest and then proofread/edit your writing. Giving rest is one of the most important elements while writing because it helps you give break to the concepts and your point of understanding. After giving a rest, when you edit your articles there is a fresh perspective to look at
  • To improve your writing skills, make sure that you write a lot. You need to write at least 2000 words a day to make it a practice. Sometimes it might be hard but it proves to be one of the best practices to follow.
  • Break your writing into smaller paragraphs rather than writing it into a big paragraph. Also use pointers, diagrams, and pictures to explain your writing in a better way. Generally, a paragraph is of five lines so make sure that you follow.
  • Do not use words like as a result, therefore unless and until asked. It is highly recommended to be precise and to the point rather than beating around the bush
  • Do not use jargon in your writing style because it will confuse the readers. Jargons have hidden meanings which become very difficult for readers to interpret to make sure that the content is reader-friendly. It should be written in a plain English language which is understood by all.
  • Always write with a purpose, this will help you achieve a target. Also, when you are writing with a purpose it is easier to write and get ideas. Do not force yourself with ideas rather go with the flow. Make sure that you use your imaginative power to jot down your thoughts and opinions.

This was all about improving your writing skills. All you need to understand is that your writing style should be simple but unique. Minor changes can create a huge impact there for following all the points and after a certain period, you will understand that your writing skills have been improved. Search programmes should be brought into schools and colleges to transform student writing. We are a group of 45,000+ teachers teaching over 4750+ schools in Australia. Since 2005, we have taught more than 20,00,00 students. In case you are willing to transform student writing reach out to us

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