What are the Pros and Cons of Health Card

Health cards are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. There are many service providers who provide such services. Bajaj Finserv is one of them who is the leader in the market in this segment. A health card is a facility wherein you select a health plan with a pre-approved limit and use that card digitally when you are suffering from medical ailments. You don’t need to worry about finances at the time of treatment. You can use it at pharmacies, diagnostics, hospitals and medical centres. 

Pros of a Health Card

Fully Digital Card

A health card that the service providers provide is a fully digital card. It contains all the relevant information of your identity and health plan details. It has details of how much you have spent and the remaining amount you can spend for your medical expenses in the future. 

Zero or Less Amount of Documentation

Some service providers of health cards require no documentation while some ask for minimum documentation. It is very easy to get access to a health card. Health card download is possible after you pay the joining fee of the health card. 

The Whole Family Can have a Single Card

There are many plans which the service provider provides. If you take a family plan, the health card given will be in the name of all the members of the family. You don’t need to buy individual plans for different members of the family.

EMI payment option

To pay the amount used from the card, many service providers provide EMI options up to 24 months. This makes it easier for the family in terms of managing the finances of the house as there is no burden of paying a substantial amount of money upfront.

Offers & Discounts

The service providers provide varied offers and discounts from time to time which can be availed by the health cardholder. For example – Bajaj Finserv offers complimentary personal accident coverage up to 1 lac with its health card. 

Instant Activation

After you fill in the form and pay the joining fees for the health card, it gets instantly activated. There is no wastage of time and you can start using the card immediately if need arises.


The health card is convenient in many ways. It is very easy to carry. This digital card can easily be carried in your wallet, purse or card holder. There is no burden of carrying a physical document of the health insurance.

Benefits while Travelling

The health card can be easily carried while travelling. As it can be used in 1000+ cities in India, it will be useful for any medical emergency while visiting any city which is covered by the health card.

Accident Cover

Some service providers of health cards also offer personal accidental coverage up to a certain limit.

Cashless Facility

During an emergency, you don’t need to bother to carry cash. Carrying the card with you will give you the possibility of paying at pharmacies, diagnostic centres and medical centres up to the pre-approved limit on the card.

Status of the Card

You can log in to your account and know the details of your health card status. Many service providers have apps too. You just need to download the particular app on your phone and know the latest status of your health card. Alternatively, you can log in to your account on the official website of the company and look up at your health card status


The service providers of all cards have tie-ups with thousands of medical centres, hospitals, pharmacies and diagnostic centres. Also, the card can be used in hundreds of cities across the country. This makes having a health card very beneficial. 

Cons of Health Card

Limit is Fixed

The limit of the health card is fixed up to a certain pre-approved limit. For example 4 lakhs. So, when the medical expenses become more than the pre-approved limit, it becomes a problem. The excess amount needs to be arranged in a short span of time.

Usage at a Time

Only one person can use it at a time. So, if you have opted for family coverage and have a family health care and both persons are at different cities or different medical centres in the city, only one can use it at a time.


When you have decided to take on a health card, you should do your research in detail. You should ask the experts for their unbiased opinions and read about it in the respective websites. Ask your friends and other family members for their opinion too.  With just a minimal joining fee, the service providers of health cards provide the people with a digital card with so many pros and so little cons. It is a must in today’s age and time.

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