What are unique styles of windows for a home?


Generally talking about a home, it is incomplete without windows. Windows make up the whole area look sober and straightforward. They are the natural source of permeating sunlight where ever possible within the home. How so ever is the weather outside you can always perceive through these windows. They make the house cross-ventilated, so they are considered the most significant part of a home.

           Moreover, in the morning, one may love sitting on an armchair with a cup of coffee or tea in hand and gently feeling the fresh air passing through the windows or doors. That’s what adds an exciting point to having them on your property. For a moment, think of your house without even a single window. Would that make it worth staying even?

The answer is simply no. 

     Here are several factors to keep in mind while thinking of windows:

  1. They are a way to keep your house warm and cool, depending upon your climatic conditions.
  2. Also, some windows are heat-resistant so that excessive exposure to UV rays won’t affect you physically.
  3. The best part is that they are easy to clean with just a wet wipe or tissue.
  4. You can stay connected to your neighbors and see them anytime.
  5. A spacious house with good quality windows does ascend the house-value too.
  6. You can always have a look through before letting anyone in your property, especially the trespassers during day or night time.

Window Styles available in the market:

  1. CASEMENT WINDOWSThis can be a good option if you look for ventilation purposes with a transparent view. They are highly resistant to extreme heat, environmental pressure. Due to their durability, they are preferred.
  2. SLIDING WINDOWS: They are specific to horizontal arrangement towards either left or right direction. Because they don’t acquire much space and their measurements are highly customizable.
  3. FRENCH WINDOWS: They are best suited for terrace, balcony or patio, etc. Being made up of glass panels, they always elegant and attractive look to the home- decor.
  4. BAY WINDOWS: They give an old-school architectural look and are designed to provide a lot of extra space and more comprehensive views through them.
  5. SKYLIGHT WINDOWS: They are designed for ceilings only with heat-resistant and leakage-proof capabilities and are often seen in apartments.
  6. TOP HUNG WINDOWS: In this style, the windows are attached on the top of the frame while the bottom opens outwards. Usually, top hung or awning windows are placed in conjunction with another style or on the doors (for bathrooms). They are beneficial during light rainfall as it curbs water to enter inside.
  7. HOPPER WINDOWS: Mainly suitable for tight areas and can open either inwards or downwards easily. They are best designed for bathrooms or kitchen areas.
  8. TILT-AND-TURN WINDOWS: These are a great combination of hopper and casement windows with the tendency to open from both sides and top. They ventilate the house even if it’s raining.
  9. PICTURE WINDOWS: They are known as fixed windows, mainly designed to allow natural light into the space. Their size can be large enough to provide clear and panoramic views without hindrance.
  10. LOUVERED WINDOWS: Such windows are installed in a series of slopping pieces of wood, metal, or glass, either still or movable type within the frame. Also, they allow fresh air to pass through without permitting any outside vision.

 Apart from these style options, one can choose to combine two or three designs into one window system with two frames. The frame can either be wooden, aluminum-made, or fiber-glass relying upon your suitability at your place. For installation or designing, you may contact a team of professionals to avoid risk.

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