What is the Average Cost of a Single Story Extension?

Single story extensions (also known as premium extensions or high capacity extensions) are a relatively new idea to the construction industry. The premise behind this concept is that it is possible to create a relatively large amount of space within a relatively small amount of time, which ultimately helps reduce the cost of construction. This in turn benefits the client who receives a completed project that meets all their requirements with a house construction company London. However, how exactly is this done? There are actually two main methods of achieving this.

Low-Cost Story Extension

The first method of achieving a low cost per story involves taking on new and additional staff. The problem with this approach is that it creates a huge additional workload for existing staff. So if the company wants to add a single story extension, they would have to employ an additional 40 people just to meet the demand. This is not only extremely costly but inefficient, and would severely affect the business financially.

The second method to achieve a low cost per story involves utilizing joint ventures with other businesses. This may be impossible for some businesses, but it is certainly possible for others. If two construction companies want to work together on a project, they must first agree on the exact details of the job and then determine the level of cost required. The problem here is that a potential partner may not be able to commit to the same level of cost as the original companies and so might need additional financing.

Alternative Methods of Financing

The final method of achieving a low cost per story involves looking to alternative methods of financing. This includes looking to suppliers of sub-standard materials or labor rather than going for the more expensive standard suppliers. However, whilst this approach can sometimes reduce the cost of a project, it can also result in delays as the company needs to source the materials in a short space of time or has to employ extra staff to deal with such problems. Therefore, a more flexible approach might be required if a company wants to achieve a reasonable cost per story for a single story extension.

Offering Standard Products

All three of these methods will almost certainly result in a rate per story, which is considerably higher than the rates charged by similar companies offering standard products. So, what is the average cost of a single story extension? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question because it really depends on each case. Some companies charge more for premium materials whereas others charge less.

Single Story Extension

An extension that costs more to manufacture will tend to be of a higher quality. Consequently, the company will charge more to obtain the story. Conversely, a company that spends a lot of money on labor will tend to charge less to manufacture the extension. This is why it is important to consider the final product before making any decisions. What is the average cost of a single story extension?

A good way to judge a company’s ability to deliver extensions. Is to ask them to show you examples of their past work. If they have successfully completed a single story extension. Then this is a very good indicator that they can do so for you. It does not necessarily follow, however, that every single extension which they have supplied will be successful. For instance, a company might not have worked on a story for a year before attempting it. Likewise, they may not have sufficient experience to successfully complete an extension that involves redesigning an entire building. The only way to know what the average cost of a single-story extension will be is to request quotations from companies both large and small.


Make sure you understand the quotations fully and base your decision on relevant factors. The cost will be affected by the extent of the work involved. The nature of the building you require, the number of stories to be erected, and so on. A good company will also consider the impact of extending the building to surrounding properties. They should be able to provide a good analysis of your individual circumstances and work with you from this point onwards.

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