What is the best source to prepare Current Affairs for Prelims?

Current affairs are playing very significant role in the IAS exam, since the days UPSC has changed the syllabus. In UPSC Examination syllabus, current affairs are a dynamic and undefined part of the IAS Syllabus, which puts aspirants in a dilemma thinking how and from where to start IAS preparation for Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi

Let’s deal with the strategy of preparing current affairs…!!!!

EDEN IAS – Utkarsh is one stop solution for Civil Services preparation for aspirants who are in the final year of their graduation, graduate, post graduate or above. This course covers the entire UPSC preparation (Prelims – Mains – Interview) in one year. 

Check 1: What are my sources!!!

There are plenty of newspapers, websites, monthly magazines, yearly magazines at our disposal. This makes aspirants confused about what to refer. But the check list should have 

  • The Hindu or Indian Express (You could follow any one, but if you are following The Hindu then you should must follow Indian Express’ Explained, as it makes you learn the issues thoroughly)
  • PIB
  • One daily compilation (Choose any among Eden IAS/ Insights/ Vision/ Civils Daily etc.)
  • All India Radio— Spotlight
  • Misc (Sansad TV Perspective, India’s World, and PRS India)

Check 2: Time I am Giving!!

Don’t give more than 2 hours for covering a day’s current affairs, and these 2 hours should also cover your note making hours too. There are various students who give 3-4 hours for covering current affairs only, but this is wrong. This will lead to mismanagement of time.

Check 3: What I am reading?

  • Your focus of reading should be issues, which are of national importance or international importance. The meaning of national importance is related to policy and programmes, social or economic issues etc.
  • For having better understanding about what to skip, you should know about your syllabus and see the previous year questions.
  • Don’t skip editorial and opinion page.
  • Make notes from these pages.

Check 4:  What is my focus area in the News?

You need to read the news around the following areas of reference:

  • What is the News?
  • What is its background (if any)?
  • Why it is in news or what is its current status?
  • Try to look into the both sides of the news and make a note of it.
  • Write down about the way forwards.

Check 5: Last moment Insight

If one is following above steps, he/she is able to cover almost 90-95% current affairs relevant to UPSC Examination. But most important thing for retaining the read or covered news for longer time is to revise and re-revise. 

Re-revising the things will help you in subconsciously linking the static and the current and also helps you in writing a good answer when you will practice writing.

Try to make notes online or in digital form, it will help you in working smartly and saving your time for devoting somewhere else.

To prepare for the UPSC current affairs, aspirants should have conceptual clarity, which can be done only by referring NCERT Books an essential source required to start with the UPSC Exam Preparation.

Why EDEN IAS Institute is so famous?

Though I have left the preparation of UPSC two years back, but I can give the review about coaching institutes. Though the brand is unknown to the crowd but these people are quite qualitative.

Is the crash course by Unacademic for UPSC prelims good to pursue? What are some other options available online?

If I have to tell the brutal truth then there is no course that is worth trying. As they use to start the course very enthusiastically but left you in the mid-way. You may get a good teacher but you will not be able to complete your course. Yes, one thing about them is very good return your money back easily And Find NearBy 3 years ias coaching .

You can give a try to EDEN IAS Mission Prelims; it is very good. There is both online and offline access to it. I was able to revise and re-revise my course by joining the same and able sail through the UPSC Prelims.

What’s the best revision strategy for UPSC prelims?

Here are some tips that will help plan the last legs revision.

Focus on revision half of the day.

This should include reading the current affairs notes, updates on current affairs, and revising the static content.

In addition, practice mock tests every day. Invest extra time in solving test papers, as this help improve speed.

Subject management:

Read the made short-notes from the book and align the static and current subjects.

Do not pick something new at the last minute in an attempt to ensure that you cover everything.


Don’t underestimate the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT).

Many aspirants clear the General Studies cut-off but miss out on the CSAT.

Take a couple of mock tests and revise topics like ratio, percentage and others from where questions almost always tend to be asked.

Test and analysis:

Do not postpone mock tests for the last week. You should have begun practicing mock tests by now.

Aim to solve as many as possible, since there is no other way to know if you have understanding and recall are good.

Mock tests are an excellent way to practice answer-elimination techniques and intelligent guessing.

Note: For covering daily current affairs you can follow EDEN IAS IMPULSE. Their notes are very crisp and short. Though they cover the less news but you will find a good quality.

Hope It will help you in solving your current affairs related puzzle…!!! 😊 😊

Good Luck!!!

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