What is the meaning of Data Mart and how is it advantageous?

A data mart is an extract or a copy of a partial database within a data warehouse and is used for analysis for a specific application or organizational area. In practice, it is not uncommon for the data stocks of a data mart to be kept long-term. There are no time limits for the existence of a data mart.

Why are data marts used?

The advantage of data marts is that data can be retrieved much more quickly. Since they usually only contain a subset of the data warehouse, the amount of data in a data mart is significantly less. This smaller amount of data provides a much faster result for queries.

A further advantage of a data mart is the flexibility. User requirements for data analysis can change over time. In this case, the user can request tailored data mart created are, without the actual structure of the data warehouse to change.

Requirements and concept for a data mart

The data mart to be created must provide all data that can be used for possible queries in the area of ​​the department, organizational unit or user group. Therefore, it should first be clarified what demands the affected users have on the data mart. What should be queried and in what form?

It must also be clarified which data usage rights the users have. You may only be allowed to view certain parts of the data or use them for further processing. There can also be cases in which users are allowed to see almost all of the data, but are not allowed to use this data any further. Such questions must be clarified before creating the Snowflake data mart.

In order to obtain all this information efficiently and to be able to map it later, it is advisable to analyze the underlying business process. Are there existing applications in which evaluations are already taking place? Are these evaluations sufficient or can they be improved or expanded?

The users themselves give the best answers to such questions, so it is advisable to interview these people. The business process should be viewed and understood in full. On this basis, it is possible to implement a Snowflake data mart that is precisely tailored to the needs of the users concerned.

Advantages of Snowflake Data Mart

Snowflake Data marts have several advantages due to their role as an accelerator when accessing specialized data sets.

·         Reducing the amount of time it takes to collect certain data

·         Faster than a traditional business data warehouse

·         Implementation of Snowflake data marts needs just a minimal amount of specialized expertise.

·         Affordable alternative to a data warehouse in a large organization

·         Because they can access data with less effort, data marts aid in the improvement of a data warehouse’s performance.

·         KPIs are now much easier to keep track of thanks to the data warehouse.

·         Snowflake Data marts help with data upkeep by allocating records to appropriate departments, who may then monitor them on their own.

Data Mart vs Data Warehouse

Data records are stored and managed in data warehouses and data marts until they are needed. Data warehouses specialize in arranging all of a company’s data, whereas data marts simply manage data collecting points for certain departments. They serve as a technique for isolating specific data records and making them available only to those functions. As Snowflake is the best software for connecting with the Big data, the India Snowflake Implementation is important which can be provided by the India Snowflake companies specializing in the Snowflake Data Mart services for your business.

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