What to do when your Dryer is not Spinning?

You might take your dryer for granted, but when it stops spinning, you are in hot water. Particularly in winters, a good dryer is not less than a blessing. You simply cannot operate without a spinner in this chilly weather. However, you may notice that your dryer is not spinning clothes efficiently and then it stops spinning at all. Damp clothes coming out of the dryer or a slow spin is a clear-cut sign that there is a problem.

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Well, you should know a few reasons behind a faulty dryer before going for repair. Most people like to throw their clothes into the dryer and expect it to work like magic. Honestly, the reason could be you stuffing the dryer. Other than that, identify the problems below and go for GE appliance repair Alpharetta.

Reasons why your dryer won’t spin:

  1. Worn out drive belt
  2. Broken drum rollers
  3. Roller axles are worn out
  4. Worn-out drum bearings
  5. Worn-out drum glides

Worn out drive belt:

The drive belt around the dryer tub is the main thing along with the other vital elements. It is attached to the motor and turns the drum using friction. If you notice that your dryer is not spinning fast or not working at all, it might be due to the broken belt. Moreover, a broken or worn-out belt will cause hindrance in the drum rolling as well.  

Broken drum rollers:

The drum rollers are another thing that keeps on working the spinner. They are responsible for the dryer drum moving. But, if your drum rollers are worn, the dryer won’t spin. Plus, it will block the spinner from working at all. 

Roller axles are worn out:

The axles of the wheels that allow the dryer drum to spin are the drum roller axles. The dryer will stop spinning and become stuck if it gets worn out. On the other hand, if it wobbles perfectly, it is in good condition.

Worn-out drum bearings:

Drum bearings support the rear of the drum. It wears out, putting strain on the motor and causing it to stop. Remove the dryer belt and turn the drum by hand to see if this is the issue. If turning the drum is hard and produces squealing or grinding noises, the bearing requires replacement.

Worn-out drum glides:

Drum glides are small plastic pieces that hold the drum in place. The drum slides on the drum glide as it spins. If the drum glides wear out, the drum may begin to bind, putting strain on the motor and causing it to shut down. So, that could be the reason your dryer is not spinning. Examine the drum glides for wear and replace them as needed.

How to fix a dryer not spinning?

Now that you know what can cause this issue. Check the things below and fix it:

  1. Check the power supply
  2. Replace the drive belt
  3. Check the drum rollers
  4. Opt for new drum glides

Check the power supply:

For starters, check the power source of your spinner to see if that is the issue. Check your plug outlet and fuse box. Sometimes, the dryer does not spin because of the low power supply. That is why it is vital to inspect the power supply to support the drying mechanism of your machine. 

Replace the drive belt:

The next thing is to check the drive belt of your dryer machine. Once you know it is broken or worn out, replace it. Either you can DIY or call for professional assistance. In addition, the belt should loop around the drum roller. Or replace it through GE appliance repair Atlanta.       

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Check the drum rollers:

The drum rollers that are at the back of the dryer- assist it in turn. The drum rollers must spin freely on their own. Untie the belt around the dryer drum and turn the dryer up. Check if the drum rollers turn if the dryer is not spinning. If your drum rollers are worn or broken, you will need to replace them.

Opt for new drum glides:

The dryer drum has drum glides around the edge. When they wear out, you will hear a grinding sound similar to metal or plastic. The glides may even cause the dryer to stop spinning if worn out for an extended time. You can remove the glide by popping it out of the holes in the plastic, and then you can replace it with new padding.

Summing up:

When your dryer stops working, figure out the reason behind it. Check the power supply, drive belt, and drum rollers. Replace the drum bearings, drive belt or drum glides if they are worn. Also, do not stuff your dryer with clothes more than its capacity. Either DIY or call for repair services. 

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