What to Know Before Printing Pop Up Banners ?

Have you been planning a pop up banner for your company event? There are a few things to keep in mind while ordering pop up banners. Here we have narrowed down the list to a handful of tips that can help charm the desired demographic with your creative pop up banners. Take a look:

Expend Time on the Title

The top of your pop up banner is prime area, since it is also usually the first place someone looks at, depending on their height and distance from the banner. The top of standard pop up banners are usually at eye level, so consider what will possibly draw people towards your banner. Will it be your logo or your title/headline? The marketing aim of your company will decide this. For brand awareness campaigns, both the name and logo must take precedence and should be at the top. If you want to push the sale of something in particular, a photo of the product and a short text might do well.

Focus on the text

This brings us to the next point- the text on your pop up banner. Not all banners have texts but if you decide on a written section, make sure it is free from any grammatical or syntactical error. The main message of the banner must be understandable within a few seconds. So, the trick is to make sure your message is clear and precise. Too much information is never a good idea. You can go for bullet points to highlight important sections. At the end of the day, readers must want to spare some time on your pop up banner. Keep the customer’s POV in mind while deciding on the text and do not skip the benefits and features of the products or services.

Do Not Overlook Images

Images tend to have a great instant impact, and getting them right is often the key to a successful banner. Typically, they have to be 300dpi to make sure they won’t be blurry or pixelated. Lower resolutions like 200dpi could be suitable but if you are unsure, the printer should be able to advise you. Try not to use images from the internet for there will be copyright issues and the resolution would usually be 72dpi. Make use of stock photo companies out there or consider hiring a photographer. It is worth spending some amount on a handful of quality images to ensure your pop up banner creates the right impact. Lastly, always ensure that your pop up banner images are duly converted to CMYK for print.

Think of a CTA

Once you have caught the attention of a potential client, make sure they know the next step. It is a common mistake for pop-up banners to not have clear calls to actions. Write something along the lines of ‘Save money by ordering today,’ Apply this discount code for a whopping 20% off your next purchase,’ ‘Know how much you could save by reaching out to us today’. 

Make sure you follow the rules and you should be okay!

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