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Why choose environment-friendly cars?

The choice of environment-friendly cars lies in two aspects: one is that the production materials are easy to sort and recycle, the resource utilization rate is high, and the pollution is low; the second is that fuel consumption and vehicle exhaust emissions are low.

In the production of automotive products, the design of parts must fully consider the detachability to facilitate repair and recycling; try to use light-weight, biodegradable polymer materials to make parts, such as the body can be made of aluminum alloy frame and equipped with plastic shell; Use engineering plastics for internal parts as much as possible to reduce the weight and volume of the car, and reduce the energy consumption of the car during use; maximize the use of recyclable materials, and continuously reduce the types of materials used to increase the recovery and regeneration of materials Utilization rate:

Try to choose low energy consumption, less pollution, non-toxic and non-corrosive materials to reduce the damage and potential threats of materials to the environment.

Adopting high technology is the most direct way to reduce automobile exhaust pollution. As far as emission control technology is concerned, there are many ways to reduce vehicle emission pollution, which can be divided into two types: engine purification and external purification. To reduce fuel consumption and improve economic efficiency,

we must also start from improving technology, invention and innovation. For example, use a high-efficiency cycle engine; improve the intake system, use a low-vortex intake duct to reduce intake resistance; improve the combustion chamber and combustion process; minimize the wind resistance of the car; use new energy-saving materials to reduce the weight of the car, etc.


By choosing good quality cars, we can save our environment from different objects which are not good for our health.

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