Why Consider Indoor Air Quality Testing?

Air seems to be light and clear whether we consider indoors or outdoors but do you know that it is exerting pressure on your skin that is so familiar that you cannot feel it but your lungs can, especially when it is bogged with toxins? Many people believe that air pollution is a concept limited to outdoors, but the air quality can worsen more inside our homes and workplaces.

The air inside can waft up from smorgasbord of indoor sources like gases released from appliances, construction material, molds, rodents, consumer products and pests. The quality of air indoors depends on the usage of various products, and pollution can vary from region to region. Poor ventilation contributes to the conservation of heat during fall and winters. Contaminated air seeps from outside, adding to the toxins indoors that can profoundly affect your health and cause respiratory problems, blood reactions, skin allergies and many more.

If you are worried about the accumulation of these germs in the air of your house or workplace, you might want to pick it apart with indoor air quality testing. Why is it important? Here are some of the most common air pollutants that can be a threat to your health that must be cleared-

1) Volatile Organic Compounds- Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are found in most of the consumer products such as plastic materials, paints, shower curtains, glue, printers etc. They can off-gas vapours even at room temperature because of the low boiling point. VOCs can cause acute health issues like nausea, migraine, headaches and sick building syndrome. They can be easily detected in air quality tests.

2) Mold and Mildew- Spores and fungi microbes are agitated indoor air polluters that seize on warm and humid conditions to colonize and contaminate damp surfaces. Mold and mildew outbreaks often begin at moisture affected areas like bathrooms and basements that quickly spread through moist air to other areas as well. They may affect health, causing nasal stuffiness, wheezing and skin irritation. Once you find molds in your house, contact the mold removal company immediately to prevent its further growth.

3) Asbestos- Asbestos isa heat-resistant mineral fiber that naturally occurs in soil. Asbestos is mostly found in the building material of the house or insulators. It was found out that inhaling asbestos fiber can pose a severe threat to health, causing lung cancer, mesothelioma and long-term lung scarring. 

Most of the materials containing asbestos can be harmful only when disturbed. So if you suspect any such content in your house, check for the signs without touching it and immediately call the professionals to take charge of the situation.

4) Dust, Dander and pest droppings- Apart from fungus and building materials, pests can cause a nuisance in your house. Pests, dust mites and cockroaches can plague the building with theirallergenic faeces and body parts. Besides, fumes from the urine, saliva and droppings of rodents can dissolve in the air and trigger allergic reactions. Pollen and bacteria from outside can invade the air indoors, mixing with these fumes and sticking to various surfaces. Therefore, go for pest control once or twice a year by calling professionals.

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