Why do people need to fast before a blood test?

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Why do people need to fast before a blood test?

When we go to the doctors or any professional technician to get our blood test done. Then it tells us to keep fast before our blood. So that the results of our blood test can come true. If we say some substances before the blood test, the concentration in the blood changes after eating. The most common of these are glucose and triglycerides.

When we eat such substances the level of our glucose goes up very high but after 2 or 3 hours. The level starts to normalize again.

That is why doctors do not ask us to eat anything before the blood test. So that there is no effect on your blood test and the result of your blood test should be perfect.

Does the blood test hurt?

When we go to a doctor or professional technician to get our blood test done. So if you do a blood test for the first time then you get a little nervous. Because you have never done a blood test before this so it happens. But if you have had blood before too many times. Then you will not feel as much pain as you do for the first time. So when the doctor or technician taking the sample puts the needle inside the vein of your hand. Then you get a slight prick and Scabies may be encountered and. It can also hurt you. But it is not so painful.

How often should I have a blood test?

By the way, we do a blood test then. When we are either ill or on the advice of a doctor. We do our blood tests when we do not know. How much blood test is needed. So we take blood tests lightly. That is why doctors recommend we have regular blood tests. Which include a complete blood count (CBC) and a complete metabolic panel. It shows that we should get our full body checkups and blood tests done once a year. So that We could keep ourselves healthy

How long can my blood test results be?

By the way. Before conducting a blood test. We first check that when the results of the blood test will be provided to us. After that we are able to get the blood test done. When we complete our blood test the results of the blood test comes in 24 hours. But there are some blood tests which can take between 2 or 3 days to weeks. If you are in a hurry to know the results. Online can also send your results by email or Whatsapp, we provide both hard and soft copy.

Should you also take blood test at home in Delhi?

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