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Why Plantation Shutters Should be Next on Your Bucket List

Plantation shutters are just like normal window shutters but with wider slits that make the environment airier and allow maximum sunlight to enter the room. In the same way, when the shutters are closed, they completely block the view and provide complete privacy.

Traditional shutters usually do not close completely and raise security and privacy issues. Instead of curtains and plain shutters, plantation shutters are a great choice considering their numerous pros. Let’s see why you should go for the next time you want to upgrade your interior.

Temperature Regulation

In summer, these shutters can block the heat up to a great extent when closed. Also, in winter you can enjoy the sun rays to a maximum in the daytime and close the shutter when it feels chilly. They act as great insulators as well. Thus you can naturally maintain temperature through plantation shutters.


Although traditional blinds and shutters are all adjustable, plantation shutters have wider slits that let in more light and hence offer a wide choice in light adjustment. At night time, if your place welcomes moonlight, you can adjust the shutters to let in the light while keeping privacy maintained.

Easier cleaning

Shutter cleaning is a massive problem that is a continuous headache as every time, they need to be cleaned slit by slit and column by column. It is too time-consuming and hence becomes a nuisance instead of a facility. Plantation shutters have wider louvers and hence are very easy to clean in a few swift motions.

Aesthetic vibe

Curtains are a very easy approach when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. But with modern interior designs and furnishing approaches, curtains bring an old-fashioned vibe. It crashes the overall look of the place. But these shutters uplift the mood of the location and go well in every part of your home. Be it rooms, kitchen, living area, or formal meeting places, these shutters stand out. They are not only preferred for domestic use, but for offices and restaurants as well.

Sound Effect

If your home is located on a noisy road, plantation shutters are the best go-to option. They are said to act as natural sound barriers. So if you do not want soundproof windows, try these shutters. They might not block the sound completely but will surely serve a prominent reduction. It also depends on the material of the shutters but most of them help with noise.


They are available in a large range of colors and materials. You can also survey physically or online to have a view of the respective market and choose what matches your requirement.

Plantation shutters are a great choice to adorn your place keeping the environment appear modern and artistic. There are many advantages to the product and it is also cost-effective as it would be a one-time investment. Choose your product carefully after making sure your requirement matches its properties. Hope you have a great experience!

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