Why Use interactive Video?

The interactive video space has opened up many new opportunities and creativity for marketers, brands, and the entertainment industry. It allows you to throw your creative hat in the ring and adapt video content to different audiences, engage potential customers, interest and entertain viewers.

Interactive media is superior to linear video in many ways, especially in terms of conversions, engagement, and dwell time. According to one study, interactive videos have a click-through rate of 11%, making it the only media type whose digital CTR is twice as high.

However, if you’re still wondering if interactive videos are right for you, here are some reasons that might help you make a decision.


You can track more than just impressions, engagement, and conversions. With interactive video, brands can identify clicks in 360 video, study viewer behavior by analyzing which branches viewers follow, and collect data.


Brands are investing exponentially in interactive video content. One study shows that 36% of all video content produced is interactive media, and 70% of people think interactive video is good or very good at generating interest.

Engage and entertain

Marketing needs to go beyond sales and advertising to make a real impact. Interactive media offers what people need today: Entertainment and engagement. An interactive for 360 video that looks like a game captures viewers’ attention and leads to a 591% increase in user engagement.


Stronger engagement, higher click-through rates, and viewer investment in stories and brands lead to a higher return on investment.

Impact and Impression

When you invest in advertising or marketing content . You want it to be memorable and leave an impression. Because interactive videos make viewers feel like they are part of a story, they create a strong impression on them. One study found that allowing interaction in a video makes ads 32% more memorable.

There are also many interactive videos on YouTube today. One of the most common examples of interactive videos on YouTube is a video about an electric shaver from Philips.

In the video, the protagonist with a clean-shaven face can’t remember the events of the previous night, so users can interact with the video and choose five different versions of the story with five different facial hair styles.

Interactive and linear video

Linear video or traditional video is the type of media we see around us most often. When you watch a linear video, there are a few limited options to help you read the content, pause, fast forward, rewind, and play the video. Beyond that handful of options, your experience is severely limited to what the story tells you to do. There’s not much room left for interaction with the video content.

In contrast

Interactive for 360 video gives viewers the opportunity to engage and interact with the content on a deeper level. It provides a more personalized and interactive experience. For example, viewers can click to select one of the options provided and set their own action. They can drag, slide, scroll, and perform other digital actions to interact with the for 360 video content, almost as they would with web content or games.

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