Why you should visit Goa

There’s no doubt that Goa is the most favorite beach destination in India. It has a sloppy lifestyle, glorious scenic beaches, natural silence, beach sports, and awesome parties. It’s a great destination all year round, but visiting Goa during summer is quite a extraordinary experience. Here are some of the best reasons to visit Goa.

Pay cheaper prices

The hotels and resorts in Goa cut off their prices during summers, but the facilities remain the same as at other periods of year. With that the flights to Goa are comparatively always cheaper. So, if people want a well-appointed holiday on a shoestring budget, people should head to Goa this summer.

Soak in the sun on quiet beaches

Make a limit line for one of the beautiful beaches of this hot haven, revitalizing and absorbing the Vitamin D on a sun-kissed extend of sand, perfect remedy for your body, mind and soul. 

Shop for bargains

With almost no crowds, the vendors gash the tax of the items in order to increase sales. The shopping haloids can fill their baggage with Goan special things and souvenirs without leaving much of damage in their salary. Plus, alcohol has also become cheap during this season. Which is again more reason to party until the sun comes up.

Try the delicious Goan cuisine

A trip to Goa is unfinished without trying the mouth-watering local food: Goan fish curry, sorpotel, fish recheado, prawn balchao, bebinca.

Summertime festivals

There are festivities and partying in Goa all year-round, but the months of summer (March-May) beat with high spirit and liveliness. The paramount festivals at this time of year is the Shigmo in the month of March, it is basically a street festival that portrays Goan life through folk performances, music, dance and parades; Easter celebrated in the month of March or April; Grape Escapade which is celebrated in the month of April, is a wine festival.

Discover hidden treasures–in peace

Because of the relative shortage of tourists in Goa during the summer, you’ll get the chance to explore some of the state’s remote treasures in peace. Enjoy the perfume of fresh spices at a spice plantation; hanging out with elephants at the Jungle Book; enjoying marvelous views and Portuguese history from the Sinquerim Fort; watching Greek performances at restaurant and the Thalassa; enjoying structural vistas at Rivona Caves; trying backwater boating on the Zueri Rivers; spot flora and fauna in nature sanctuaries…

Indulge in some pampering

Countless yoga hangouts and one-off lessons are held on the spongy sands of Goa. Patnem Beach in South Goa and Mandrem Beaches in North Goa are ideal places to begin if you’re looking to join a part of yoga class. There are also many art of living centres in Goa. These offer all kinds of relaxation and revitalization, and often serve crude meals to keep you healthy and hearty. A few brilliant options include SWAN Yoga Retreat, Banyan Tree Yoga and Vedic Valley. A superb retreat in Goa awaits you this summer!

Trek to refreshing waterfalls and biodiversity hotspots

Trek along the postcard type viewed pathways of the Mahavir Forest Reserve and observe the vistas of the Dudhsagar Falls. Water flashes in milky froth. They’re truly a spectacle with no comparison! Because of its close proximity to the Western Ghats mountain chain, Goa is abode to rich and diverse fauna and flora. The Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, Mollem National Park, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary are some best tourist spots.

Instagram-ready photos

With smallest counting of crowds, picture perfect spots and glittery sunrises and sunsets, Goa in summer is a paradise for the travelers. Though the sun is stronger in the middle of the day, the morning and evening glow are a photographer’s glee.

Easy exploration on two wheels

Goa has quieter streets during summer; on the road travelling the whole state by bike is uncomplicated. Stopping wherever you want to and admiring the beach towns, the beautiful Portuguese-era building and beaches is just mind blowing. Bikes are cheap to hire, at around INR 175- INR 250 per day, and are a perfect way to explore the smallest state of the country.

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