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Your essential beginners guide to making Coffee at home

Generally, coffee lovers come in two types, those who add milk and the others who do not. For those who prefer milk in their coffee – drinks like the cappuccino, latte, or Macchiato are all favorites of milky coffee lovers. An essential aesthetic aspect of these drinks is latte art, referring to the designs made on top of a coffee drink. Although it seems like a superficial element, such intricate presentation serves to elevate the quality of the drink significantly. Making good latte art only involves good espresso and well-steamed milk. The steaming of milk is an essential component that we will discuss.

The science behind latte art

The magic in making latte art lies in how the milk is prepared. Ordinary milk is composed of several important molecules, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Altering these components alters the texture of the milk. Milk for latte art is prepared using a milk steamer. If you do not have one yet and want to order from the comfort of your home, simply order it the next time you buy coffee beans online, most online coffee shops have these in stock.

The milk steamer fills the milk with steam and then applies high heat to this mixture. This manipulates the molecules in the milk and gives rise to the lovely foamy milk expected. When this mixture is ready, it is meant to be poured so that the milk runs through the espresso, while the foam sits nicely on top.

Preparing milk for latte art

The first step involves pouring cold milk into a metal pitcher. Colder milk is easier to steam, since introducing high heat can be tricky. Either refrigerate milk beforehand or at least a few minutes before starting.

With the milk ready, it is time to use the steamer. Lower the wand of the steamer into the end of the steamer and turn on the steamer. While the steamer runs, move the pitcher in such a way that the wand gradually reaches near the top of the milk layer. Continue to move the pitcher until it is barely touching the milk. You should notice the milking beginning to rise; however, it is important not to overdo this process since the milk cannot be allowed not to curdle.

Spinning the milk is next on the list. This involves placing the steam wand into the bottom of the milk layer and while steaming, rotating the pitcher. Use a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the milk while spinning the pitcher. Between 65 to 68 degrees the milk should be properly steamed. A great indication will be the microform that should develop.

Making an espresso shot

Using your favorite coffee beans, when you buy coffee online, it is time to make an espresso shot. First, grind coffee beans around 7 to 9 grams. Fill these into a portafilter and level them out. Tap the filter several times to distribute the powder. Place the portafilter into the brew head and start the process. Simply then pull the shot for a few seconds into your cup. This is a simplified version, but your coffee cup is ready. If you are still to buy an espresso machine, simply order it the next time you buy coffee beans online.

Making latte art

The goal here is to let the heavier layer of the milk fill the cup along with the espresso shot. The lighter foamier layer is used to make the pattern and sit on top of the coffee. Pouring at a uniform speed makes this process easier. Pouring from high initially and lowering as the cup fills is the proper way to do it. There are several patterns that even a beginner can learn with enough practice.

  • Leaf pattern
  • Heart pattern
  • Flower pattern
  • Circle pattern
  • Bear pattern


Making latte art should be a skill milky coffee lovers should give a shot. It is another aspect to add to improving your home barista skills, it will impress your friends at your next gathering. To enhance your experience, you should be trying exotic coffee beans, found when you buy coffee beans online. For those in the United Kingdom, the best place to buy coffee beans online UK include Artisan Coffee, Adam and Russell, The Hot Sip and Lavazza.

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