8 Top Spring/Summer 2021 Trends For Men

Now that warmer months are arriving fast, you should start making changes in your wardrobe. For men, this is the season to style up and showcase what fashion means to them.

Since we have been waiting for this season to arrive, we have kept our eyes glued to changing fashion trends. Consequently, in this blog, we have distilled every key trend that every fashionable man should follow. So, if you are keen on fashion, continue reading!

Utility Fashion

Although utility fashion trends have been making rounds for years, it seems that this trend has arrived to stay for a lot longer now. The spring and summer of this year will be filled with updated looks that will leave a high-function vibe.

For this season, you can get all types of comfortable yet stylish attires in staple colours like a black jumper for men, a black and white panel jumper for men, blue denim, and many more.


Although this trend is a bit on the rare side, people can like the different shades of blue with graphics on their shirts.

The Reinvention Of Tailoring

Tailoring went out of fashion last year because sportswear has taken hold of all fashion trends. However, with times changing, the classical look has earned back its spotlight. Also, rather than eye-catching colours, people are now more drawn to pastel shades like grey, navy, and lavender.

Bomber Jackets Are Back!

The return of bomber jackets was not quite anticipated, but it hardly shocks anyone, as this cool jacket is certainly hard to get tired of.


Many men prefer colours like navy blue and black. However, just like in everything, fashion demands you to come out of your comfort zone once in a while.

If you are a man who has visualised himself wearing dusty pinks and minty greens but has never quite ventured to try these colours, now is the time for you to step ahead. This is because this year’s fashion trends are mostly in pastel shades.


This trend has been in the fashion industry for the past two decades now, yet it is showing no signs of going obsolete.

Since this trend only seems to rise, every man should at least give it a shot. When it comes to Skatewear, it all about finding the right fit. Although hoodies or tees can be a bit larger than the normal size, you should not get your attire more than two sizes bigger. Although skatewear looks best on athletic bodies, if one knows their body, they can dress impressively, irrespective of their body shape.

Open Collars

What should a man wear to look good in all seasons?

Open Collars!

This year, open collars seem to have taken the fashion market by storm. We have seen them paired with jackets, sweaters, and summer outwears.

Pulling off fashion looks with open collars seem like a piece of the cake, however, the key with open collars is the right pairing and layering.

A patterned open collar shirt usually works nicely with flat-front chinos. If you want to pair an open-collared shirt with a suit, the navy blue colour is the safest option.

Street Preppy And Rugby Shirts

Although rugby shirts never run out of fashion, they have never been as popular in mainstream fashion as this summer. Now, you would see an extensive range of flattering stripes and colorful shirts almost in every clothing store. We have mentioned eight fashion trends of this year. However, there are a lot of trends that have generated quite a buzz in the fashion industry. Therefore, to know more, contact Noir LDN

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