List Of Different Types Of Nail Art Accessories For An Easy DIY

Call yourself a nail art junkie? If you are too fond of dressing up your nails, you cannot miss this list of lovely nail accessories we have curated for you.  

Nail art is a way of decorating your nail to make your hands look more attractive. It shows that you have not only put effort into your outfit or makeup but into every single detail of your whole look. Also, taking care of the hands and nails is an important part of self-grooming. When you take care of your body and leave your hands, they look odd. That’s why many women love decorating their nails with different accessories. Generally, they go to a salon to get their nails done, but there are not one, nor two, so many ways to decorate your nails at home. From gel nail polish stickers to manicure kits, everything you need is available online. We have made you a list of different types of nail art accessories for an easy DIY at home. 

Acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are a blessing for people who are fed up with chipping nails. These are strong nails that are made up of powder and liquid monomers. You stick them to your nails, shape them in the way you want, and then air dry. The best thing is that you don’t need a lamp to cure the acrylic nails.  Once you are done, you can apply the nail paint of your choice. 

Nail stickers

Gel sticker nails or Nail stickers are the best nail accessories that you can buy online. Nail stickers come in so many different designs that can vary in colors, patterns, and vibe. The best part about gel nail stickers is that they can be pasted on the nails easily. In fact, this is the easiest nail DIY that you can do at home. No need for fancy tools, or appointments at the salon, you can paste it anywhere anytime. It hardly takes 10-15 minutes and you’re done. You have to paste them with the glue which comes in the pack. Let them dry for a few minutes and you are ready with a fresh set of nails. You can change gel nail stickers anytime as they are completely affordable. 

Gel nails 

These look similar to acrylic nails but are made up of gel. Gel nails are the latest technique of anil extensions. Gel nails are made up of three-coat processes, a base coat, a nail polish coat, and then secured with a topcoat. Then, all three coats are cured so it hardens. You can order gel nail kits online from Press On Shop. 

Nail stencil

Just like kids use a stencil to decorate their school projects, nail stencils can help you decorate your nails with ease. How to use a stencil?  Stencils are implanted on a dried coat of nail polish and serve as the background for the stencil’s image. The stencil is then pressed firmly on the nails, and it blocks some area of the nails, stopping the other color or overcoating the base coat. Now you can easily coat the entire nail with a different color nail polish, just like we do when taping. The stencil is then removed after it has dried, resulting in a design that is comparable to the stencil.

These are the different types of nail art accessories that you can buy online to give yourself a manicure at home. 

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