Ten Restaurants To Try Out In Toronto

Food in any city is important as it gives tourists an extra incentive to explore the city. The food in Toronto takes this to another level as the city has some of the most mind-blowing food options. As the city is home to a very diverse population and people from all across the world live here, it comes as no surprise that the variety of food here is brilliant. From French to Italian to India, the list of cuisines to try in the city are endless. Following is a list of all the amazing food joints that you need to try out when you book your tickets to Toronto. The food at these amazing restaurants will leave you speechless.

  • Alo Restaurant: Alo Restaurant opened its doors for foodies in 2015. The French cuisine-inspired menu and the posh concept of the restaurant provide for a great combination of great food and ambiance. Housed in a historic Victorian building, this restaurant has a seasonal menu that offers everything from Hokkaido sea urchins to dry-aged lamb. The restaurant has been at the top of all food critic lists ever since its opening.
  • DaiLo: DaiLo is one of the most interesting restaurants located in the Little Italy area offering French-Cantonese cuisine. The combination of French food and Cantonese food makes for a very interesting menu. Some of the dishes that you can try here include truffled pumpkin dumplings, General Tso sweetbreads, and banana blossom salad. If you are looking to try a wide range of dishes, then the chef’s choice menu is a great option.
  • Grey Gardens: Located in Kensington market, this restaurant has a vintage vibe to it. The menu features delectable dishes like dry-aged Peking-style duck and sweet shrimp with compressed watermelon. If you do not want to have a whole meal, then you can simply pop in for a glass of Sauternes and some snacks that you might enjoy.
  • Constantine: If you are looking for a great ambiance and delicious food, then head over to Constantine. Located in Anndore House Boutique Hotel, this restaurant is perfect for enjoying a brunch with your friends or a dinner with your partner. Their Mediterranean menu features Italian dishes that stand out because of their taste. Whenever you visit this restaurant, make sure to try out their Fogo Island cod and braised rabbit pappardelle. This is an especially great place if you are looking to impress someone.
  • Canoe Restaurant And Bar: If you are looking to enjoy your meal accompanied by a spectacular view, then you must make a reservation at the Canoe restaurant and bar. Here you get to see planes landing on one side and the CN Tower on the other, while the city lays sprawled in front of your eyes. The view from this place is absolutely stunning, and the food they serve is just as good. Their menu features some brilliant dishes such as the tea-smoked duck breast and the Ontario Burrata. 
  • Pinky’s Ca Phe: This Vietnamese food joint located in a converted house hardly feels like a restaurant. The homely feel of this place and the fantastic food are a combination that will charm its way to your heart. This place serves the best Vietnamese cuisine with everything from banh mi to pho. The savory crepes they serve, known as Banh xeo, are the perfect way to start your meal. The Tiger’s Milk Ceviche and Pho beef dip-you-dip-i-dip are two of the dishes, that you must try when you visit.
  • Pukka: This Indian restaurant is unlike any you have ever visited before. The menu here has been carefully crafted by Chef Dinesh Butola and features the finest flavors of India. The dessert menu will definitely turn out to be your favorite part of the menu as they combine traditional flavors with British desserts. The experimental menu is a harmonious blend of traditional Indian dishes with a modern twist. The spices are the essence of the food here.
  • Dandylion: This brilliant restaurant is known for its simple yet flavourful food. The chef Jason Carter has managed to present simple flavors in a masterful way. Although the chef describes the food here as simple, the combinations they have here will manage to blow your mind. The egg, mushroom savory granola they offer is a novel dish that you must try. This mix of mushroom, rice, seeds, and kelp powder is a treat for your taste buds. 
  • Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen: Jamaican cuisine has some of the most delicious dishes that will be a treat for your taste buds. If you want to have some yummy Jamaican specialties, head over to Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen and enjoy a hearty meal. This restaurant has both savory and sweet food options that will blow your mind. Although all the dishes on their menu are mind-blowing, the jerk chicken is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. This specialty chicken takes four long days to prepare. The chicken is brined, dry rubbed, left to dry, and then finally barbecued. This flavourful dish is the jewel in this restaurant’s crown.
  • La Banane: If you are looking for an energetic place to hang out, this is the restaurant for you. The French cuisine they serve will show you that French food can be super flavourful. They do a great job at bringing authentic French flavors to the table. Apart from the great food, they also have an excellent raw bar serving great seafood. Their bar is another lovely addition, and the drinks they serve are some of the best you will taste. Visit La Banane to enjoy good food and hang out with your friends, surrounded by a great ambiance.

This list of restaurants is all the reason you need to book your plane tickets to Toronto & get best yyz deals and check your YYZ flight status again and again. The food you try here will surely make you fall in love with the city even more. So, stop thinking and start booking your flights to Toronto as soon as you can.

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