What is the Most Eco Friendly Packaging?


Eco-friendly packaging is constructed from reused materials and offers various re-utilization and reusable options. It is deemed as a perfect fit for the environment because of its improved recyclability and constructive role in decreasing carbon footprint. It is print-friendly, and this property does not get jeopardized even after recycling the packaging several times. The businesses are utilizing different options such as foil stamping, spot UV, and 3D printing to transform the aesthetics of the packaging. It always guarantees the provision of positive output when it comes to the ultimate product safety because of its sturdier structure. 

In the current era, everyone seems concerned about the health of our planet. The increasing waste levels are causing so much pollution that it is harming the ecosystem. It is, for this reason, brands are searching for numerous ways to be green and sustainable. The eco-friendly packaging is the right choice, but does it assures zero harmful impact on the environment? No doubt, the bux board is a good option, but Kraft boxes are the most eco-friendly and can package multiple products. Let us find out a few reasons why they are better than other available options. 

Kraft Boxes are the Best:

Almost one-third of the total waste in the environment is driven by packaging singly. It is, for this reason, questions are being raised whether the brands are making serious efforts to save the environment or not. Using green packaging not only has a positive effect on the stability of the ecosystem but creates customer content as well. Out of all the eco-friendly alternatives, Kraft packages are the best as they involve the utilization of high-quality materials in their making. They benefit the environment in countless ways that no other packaging has the ability to do so. 

How is it more Eco-Friendly?

Kraft is 100% recyclable and fully reusable material, and most importantly, it is sourced from natural resources, i.e., wood pulp. Unlike non-biodegradable materials like plastic, it never serves as the cause of generating piles of waste. Instead, it degrades easily without causing any problem for the ecosystem. 

1.    Kraft is 100% recyclable: 

Usually, the production of stock packages is a long process that involves the application of dyes, chemicals, and bleaches. The case with the Kraft packages is totally opposite as they are not fabricated through such a process. No dyes and chemical usage is the reason why they are completely recyclable and leave no carbon footprints that can harm the environment. After they have lived their full life, you can easily subject them to recycling practices and produce newer packages. Since the resources used in the manufacturing process are too low, they are rendered as the most sustainable and green boxes. 

2.    Kraft paper is completely renewable:

You can classify Kraft paper into two different types, such as raw Kraft paper and recycled one. The first one comes from the wood pulp, while the latter is sourced from the recycled pulp. It means that Kraft is a material that gets easily renewed numerous times. Above all, it is obtained mostly through the post-consumer content and falls in the category of biodegradable materials. All these characteristics contribute to making this material completely safe for the environment. 

3.    No generation of waste:

The overall manufacturing process of the packages is central to whether they would be eco-friendly or not. The packaging setup and crafting of Kraft boxes is rather a simpler process. It does not require a lot of energy during this process that matters greatly in lowering the overall waste. Also, there are no chemical processes involved, and heavy machinery setups are not needed. The best part is that they have surprisingly reduced weights that help in the cut down of fuel consumption. 

4.    Ease to dispose of:

Another reason why Kraft is the most eco-friendly packaging lies in its easy disposal feature. It not only proves advantageous for the environment during its lifetime but also after it has lived its life. Like other packaging solutions, it would never take several years to wipe out completely from the landfills. Rather, the decomposition time is too quick that it gains pace when the packaging is kept under specific conditions. 

5.    Rid of plastics:

A closer look at the currently available packaging solutions shows that they all are made from packaging materials with some sort of plastic. Plastic is a harmful material that not only dirties the environment but impacts the lives of various species as well. The manufacturing of such packages requires a lot of resources and energy as well, which is not an eco-friendly practice at all. Kraft is considered eco-packaging because it does not entail any sort of plastic in its manufacturing. 

Kraft packaging is the eco-friendliest packaging because of its numerous positive impacts on the environment. It can help a brand to build a sustainable image in the market with its renewable, reusable, and recyclable nature. It promotes more sale opportunities as well because the eco-conscious people have more liking for the products that come boxed in such packaging.

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