How To Save Bed Bug-infested Household Items

Bedbugs can be really annoying sometimes especially when they infest your personal belongings.

Some people think that getting rid of infested furniture or household items is a way to stay away from these irritating insects, but it’s not the proper solution.

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There are many different ways that will help you in getting rid of these bedbugs. 

So without any further time wasting let’s get towards our very main topic that is:

What Is The Best Elimination Methods for Bed Bugs?

The best elimination method for bedbugs is very hot and cold temperatures but it doesn’t mean turning on the air conditioner on the highest setting or heater in summer will help you in getting rid of these bedbugs.

A minimum temperature of 119 degrees Fahrenheit and the coldest temperature of 0 degrees will work for you in order to completely kill them.  

But the most effective one between these two is heat treatments as they are easier to perform and they provide you with the best possible results. 

So let’s have a look at some of the heating ways that allow you to stay away from bedbugs.

Heat Treatment to Kill Bed Bugs

2 of the most effective heat treatments are written below. 

Laundering on High Heat:

Laundering the fabric on the highest heat is one of the best ways to save bedbugs from household items. Here’s how to do it properly.

  • Take out all the clothes and other fabric materials which include curtains, bedcovers or sheets, cushion covers, etc. 
  • Divide all the fabrics into two categories that are washable clothes and dry cleaning clothes. 
  • Place into two separate trash bags and seal them until the washing process starts. 
  • First, wash the washable category clothes with hot water along with normal cloth detergents. Make sure to use the suitable hottest water for fabrics.
  • After the washing process is the complete place all the clothes ( washable clothes and dry cleaning clothes) in the dryer and set it at the highest heat settings. And let all the clothes dry for 30 minutes. 
  • After drying place all the clothes in new trash bags or you can also use plastic storage boxes but sure they are free from all kinds of bedbugs and their eggs. 

Steam Cleaning:

If you use steam cleaners properly they will provide you with effective results of getting rid of bedbugs. Steam cleaning is one of the best ways as it helps in reaching the bed bugs that are hidden up to 3/4 of an inch in a fabric item or up to 2 inches in a crack or crevice. 

You can use steam cleaners on mattresses or box springs, under and over the carpets, over the curtains, sofa, and couches. 

But in this case, a cloth or carpet steamer will not work for you, you need a commercial steamer for killing the bedbugs. Make sure you keep all these points in mind before starting your steam cleaning process;

  • Read all the written instructions on the steamer before working with it especially if you using it for the first time because wrong use of steamers can lead to skin or fabric burns. 
  • Avoid using the steamer on things that get destroyed by water contact especially avoid electronic devices. 
  • If you dont have many ideas about the controlling features use a triangular nozzle as it is very easy to control and does not provide any harm. 
  • Settings higher than 160 degrees – 180 degrees can lead you towards great hazards and it will also destroy your material or fabric.
  • Use the steamer to hidden spaces also for example insides of mattresses and furniture. 
  • You have to repeat the process multiple times as a one-time treatment will not work effectively. 


We have discussed a few of the ways that will help you to save bedbugs-infested households items.

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