Top Platforms for Travellers to Earn Money Through Uploading Videos

There are lots of websites that are helpful to you to earn money by doing different activities. For example, you can earn money by posting blog posts. You can also start earning by selling your skills. If you have a talent for video creation, you can also earn money by sharing videos on different platforms. By using these platforms, you just need to share your talent in the form of videos. Some websites are giving a small percentage of money to users. If you are a serious video creator, this income will not be enough for you. That’s why you should choose the top platforms to share videos. Here, CrazytoFind will discuss top platforms to earn money by uploading videos.


YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform. It has almost 1.9 billion logged-in users. It has become the second most visited website after Google. YouTube has paid almost $2 billion to the people who are uploading videos on this platform. The users can watch all the YouTube videos without spending money. If you want to earn money from this platform, you will have to create a channel. After creating a channel, you will have to post the best quality videos. You can start earning only when you will monetize your channel for the ads. To monetize your channel for the ads, your channel should have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. The minimum payout is $100 and you can get this amount via bank transfer.

Facebook Ad Breaks:

Facebook is the world’s most famous and largest social media platform. Almost all internet users have their accounts on this social media platform. Nowadays, you can also use this platform to earn money. Its reason is that Facebook has started to monetize your videos by using the Ad Breaks monetization program. These are short ads that people will see while watching the videos. To monetize your videos with Ad Breaks, your page should have 10,000 followers. Moreover, your videos should have 30,000 views in the previous 60 days. The minimum payout from this platform is $100. You can withdraw this money via PayPal or bank transfer.


It has also a monetization program just like YouTube. Therefore, you can also monetize your videos on this platform. You can also embed the video widget of DailyMotion on your website. While embedding the video widget of DailyMotion, you will have to verify your website. After embedding this widget, you can generate money when people will view these videos. Before working on the DailyMotion, you should know that they have the worst money transfer method. The minimum threshold of this platform is just similar to YouTube. It means that you can withdraw money after reaching $100. Now, the problem is that it will take almost four months to send money to the creators. Anyhow, you can withdraw money by using PayPal or bank transfer.


It is the best ad-free platform for professional video creators. Vimeo is providing the best platform for short movie makers and digital marketers. There are two ways for money earning on Vimeo. First, you can start earning money by selling or renting your videos. After selling or renting your videos, you can earn 90% of the revenue. Secondly, you can also earn money by using Vimeo OTT. For this reason, this platform is offering lots of tools to the users. In these tools, there come video player, in-depth analysis and payment processing etc. By using Vimeo OTT, you can also turn your viewers into paying subscribers. You can start earning from this platform after uploading videos and creating a Vimeo Pro Account. After earning a specific amount during the month, you can withdraw it by using a PayPal account.


If you are a game lover and you want to earn money from your gaming profession, Twitch is the best platform for you. Most people don’t know about this platform. They should know that you can live stream on this platform while playing games. Along with gaming videos, you can also stream art, talk shows and music on this platform. While streaming your videos on this platform, you will have to decide the number of ads. There are various methods to earn money from this platform. First, you can start earning by showing advertisements on your videos. Secondly, you can also avail the best chances of earning affiliate revenue. At last, if you have sizable subscribers on this platform, you can also get sponsorships from the gamers. The minimum payout on Twitch is $100. After completing $100, you can get paid just within 15 days via PayPal or Wire Transfer.

Twitter Amplify:

According to a dissertation help firm, Twitter is also one of the most famous social media sites. If you are using Twitter as a social media site, you should know that you can also use it to generate revenue. Twitter is allowing the creators to show pre-roll ads on their videos. For this reason, Twitter has launched the Amplify Publisher Program. With the help of this program, you can monetize your tweets. After monetizing your tweets, you can earn the revenue of showing ads. This program is just available for US residents. You can receive your payment after earning $100. If you want to get eligibility for this platform, your account should be in good standing.


It is providing the best platform to earn money when viewers will watch your videos for up to 30 seconds. By using this platform, you will get a simpler and fair platform to earn money. To earn money from this platform, you will have to get unique views. It means that if you want to generate enough money from this platform, you should share more videos. It is providing the best video sharing platform for gamers. By using this platform, you can earn almost $3.00 for every 1,000 views. Anyhow, this rate can also change based on the viewers. It has also an affiliate program. It is also allowing the creators to earn money through this affiliate program. The minimum payout of this platform is $20.

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